5 charity apps to do good, donate and make a difference in the world

Giving is intrinsic to human beings. These charity apps tell you how to donate money or do acts of kindness that can help make the world a better place.

Charity cannot be coerced, it has to come from within, naturally. If you feel the urge to help, these websites, eBooks, and apps will show you who to trust, why charity is important, and how to responsibly track your donations.

1. GiveWell (Web): Find out which charities you can trust

GiveWell tracks and searches for charities to tell you who to trust and what impact they have on your donations

There are so many charities doing good in different ways. And then there are those who make a lot of noise but do little good to the world. So if you are looking to donate, how do you choose where to send your money? Check out GiveWell’s analysis to find charities you can trust.

GiveWell does extensive research on each charity to see which organizations are doing the best work in a cause you want to support. It analyzes the charity’s budget reviews and data, searches for independent evidence and conducts site visits, and regularly reassesses the reports. Plus, GiveWell himself is blunt when it comes to wrong, adding the kind of transparency that is a crucial factor in being able to trust these reports.

With GiveWell’s list of the best charities, you’ll find effective and cost-effective ways to help the world and make sure your donation is put to good use. You can read the full research report of any organization before you donate. GiveWell also has a great guide on how to give money that takes you through best practices for avoiding online scams.


2. The Life You Can Save (Web, eBook): The best charity book is free to download

The Life You Can Save is a free ebook and free audiobook that concisely explains how small steps from you can help reduce global poverty

Peter Singer’s book The Life You Can Save (TLYCS) is one of the most important articles on charity and poverty in modern times. It makes you question your moral compass, challenges your beliefs in charity and goodwill, and shows the real impact your actions have on reducing global poverty. And on the official website, you can download the ebook for free, as well as get the free audiobook narrated by famous personalities such as Kirsten Bell, Stephen Fry, and Paul Simon.

The website also hosts an “impact calculator” to see how your donation can change lives. Put any amount in USD, choose from a variety of charities and you will immediately see how that money will be used.

If you are not sure which charity you want to support, try the TLYCS quiz. By choosing five-question multiple choice answers, you will get a list of verified charities globally that match your beliefs.

Like GiveWell, TLYCS also scans charities around the world to find which ones are most deserving of your donation. The website also suggests ways to donate, talks about tax implications, and gives philanthropic advice.

3. ThatHelps (Android, iOS): Social network to find where help is needed

Charity is not always about giving money. In what ways can you help those who need help? ThatHelps tries to be the point where those who want to do good can find out how to do good.

The app asks you for areas of interest in which you want to help, and then shows recommendations from those who need it. The news feed is much like a social network, where people can share the help themselves or an organization needs. Others can comment on it or share it further with their network.

In the Help section, you will find opportunities and posts on different ways to make a positive impact. The opportunities presented are curated by the ThatHelps team to direct you to causes that need help right now. You will also find individual ways to do better, such as reducing your carbon footprint.

To download: ThatHelps for Android | iOS (free)

4.inLieu (Android, iOS): donate to a cause someone believes in

inLieu makes it easy to give charitable donations that your friends and family believe in, rather than material donations

The gift industry really wants you to buy the perfect gift for your friends and family. But all too often, these gifts end up being cropped, thrown away, or used only for a short time. inLieu is a way to make a meaningful gift by donating to a charity that your friends and family believe in.

The app is a social network with messaging functionality and a payment portal. It also lists a number of verified and trusted charities, which you can donate directly through the app (with an administration fee of $ 1 per transaction). “Think of it as Venmo for donating,” says founder Kathy Terry.

Add charities you like to support to your profile, and others will be able to see it. The next time they want to give you a gift, they can instead donate to a cause you believe in, and vice versa. You will reduce waste while helping those who really need the gift you are giving.

As several users point out, you might not want to use inLieu for birthdays or holiday gifts with someone important to you. But the app is perfect for replacing gifts for casual social events like dinner invitations or thanks for a favor.

To download: InLieu for Android | iOS (free)

5. Hedado (Web): One place to manage and distribute all your charitable donations

Hedado is a dashboard to manage all your charitable donations in one place and track donation receipts

Hedado’s mission is to make it easy for you to manage all of your philanthropic giving in one place. It provides a single dashboard to add all the charities you support and track all donation receipts for future tax deductions.

Once you’ve signed up for the app, browse the list of supported charities to add them to your portfolio. Add a payment method for your donations, as well as an amount and frequency for automatic recurring contributions. You can set a total amount you want to donate and assign a percentage of that amount to each charity. By default, the money is split evenly, but you can change it individually to support causes you believe in more.

All of this information is easily formatted in the dashboard. Hedado also tracks each receipt and tells you when a donation has been made. The app will also generate a consolidated report of what these nonprofits have been able to achieve with your donations.

As with any new website that requests sensitive payment data like credit cards, we recommend that you be very careful. Use a virtual credit card, if possible, or other ways to avoid credit card skimming scams.

Give without guilt

Usually, we tend to give more when we spend more on ourselves. It is a way to allay our guilt. But it also means we donate more rarely than what is actually needed by those in need.

Regular charitable contributions are much more effective for organizations that are doing good work. Plus, it’s easier on your wallet when you regularly give a small amount rather than a lump sum every now and then. Get into the habit of giving without guilt, and you’ll discover a healthier, more sustainable approach to charity.

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