After Decades of Service and $ 40 Million in Donations, the Gamble Family Resigns from Pathfinder Board of Directors, Stops Financial Donations


Sister and brother Julia “Judy” Kahrl and Walter gamble informed Pathfinder board members and its CEO via email this morning of their immediate resignation. They cited a lack of transparency, low morale and high turnover in the Watertown, Mass.based international organization, which uses more than $ 100 million one year of grants from donors, including the United States Agency for International Development, for the organization’s reproductive health and family planning programs in developing countries.

Pathfinder was founded in 1957 by the father of siblings, Clarence gamble, heir to the fortune of the Procter & Gamble Company. The Gamble family themselves donated $ 40 million at Pathfinder over the years.

The family requested, but were refused, information on the CEO Lois Quam management performance evaluation for months. Having that assessment is critical to keeping up with the turnover of nearly 100% of the U.S. workforce since Quam took over as CEO four years ago, they said.

The family expressed concern that Pathfinder is now in its third CFO in five years, as well as a series of communications executives. They say they also questioned spending, including a $ 216,000 severance pay for a former director of human resources after only four years of service.

“It is the responsibility of a board member to understand the performance of an organization and its CEO,” Kahrl said. “Whenever we have asked for performance reviews from the CEO of Pathfinder Lois Quam, the chairman of the board was unwilling to share this information. This is not the transparency that a nonprofit should demonstrate, especially when Pathfinder has hundreds of employees around the world who expect us to be monitoring. “

Last week, Ben kahrl–son of Judy Kahrl– was removed from the board of directors by secret ballot. He had repeatedly asked the board leadership to provide CEO performance reviews, and said his removal was in retaliation for asking questions about the CEO’s performance.

Monday (September 27), the Gamble siblings sent a letter to dozens of high-value Pathfinder supporters and announced that they could no longer support the organization financially. The family intends to channel future donations to other reproductive rights organizations.

“We remain committed to the important mission of reproductive rights and justice”, Walter gamble noted. “Our family will continue to be strong supporters of this mission through other organizations that demonstrate integrity and an unwavering commitment to transparency.”

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