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The Baldwin Park Kids Club is doing its part to help refugees in Ukraine.

Although the Russian-Ukrainian war has been escalating for years, the conflict erupted in February with a Russian invasion of Ukraine, causing hundreds of civilian deaths and the destruction of infrastructure.

Millions of refugees have fled their homes in search of safety, protection and assistance.

The Baldwin Park Kids Club combined an Easter holiday celebration with a giving effort for Ukrainian families and children during an afternoon egg hunt on Friday, April 15.

Bree Holbrook, the club’s community services and outreach coordinator, remembers when she first learned of the turmoil.

“I was heartbroken and couldn’t imagine having to go through something like this,” she said.

The club asked attendees to bring 12 unsweetened deviled eggs and items to donate to the refugees, including canned meat, oil, salt, powdered milk, baby supplies, wipes, diapers, tampons and old baby carriers.

Donations were dropped off at the Lake Baldwin Church office in downtown Baldwin Park.

“It’s really important to give back to our community so our kids learn that life isn’t just about them,” says Holbrook. “Doing for others and wanting to make this world a better place is what this world needs. If we can teach this to our children at an early age it will help them because adults have a heart for those who need it.

The club has worked together with Dan and Rebecca Gregoire, who have lived and worked in Slovakia for 15 years. The couple currently live in Spisska Nova Ves, about two hours from the Ukrainian border, where they opened their home to Ukrainian refugees and traveled almost daily to the border to deliver supplies and provide safe transportation for women and children. children fleeing the country.

Holbrook says she hopes the event raised awareness of the crisis in Ukraine and gave local children a chance to have fun Easter egg hunts.

Alena Baker, lead organizer and founding member of the club, says it holds a special place in her heart.

“I love that the Baldwin Park Kids Club brings the children of our community together for both friendship and to instill the value of service to others,” says Baker.


To find out more about the Baldwin Park Kids Club, email [email protected].

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