Blood donations still not at ideal levels after mass shooting at Uvalde Primary School

SAN ANTONIO – This time last week, the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center already had blood on its way to Uvalde to help victims of the shooting at Robb Elementary.

Community members continue to step in and help, but the organization says they are still not at the level they would like to be.

“Unfortunately, living these days, you hear and see a lot of trauma,” said Lillian Jeffs, a nurse in the area.

Jeffs knows firsthand how valuable blood donations are and how simple the process is to help out.

It took me about seven minutes to come in and donate blood, and then I was done. Most likely it can save a life,” Jeffs said.

In the aftermath of the shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center was ready to respond.

What can we do? We know we need blood. This is the fourth time we have had to do this and be part of a mass shooting here in South Texas. And we knew the process of what we had to do to make sure there was enough blood to help, in any way we could,” said Roger Ruiz of South Texas Blood and Tissue.

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And since the news of the shooting and the casualties, there has been an increase in blood donors.

We saw a wave of people wanting to come and donate. Not just here in San Antonio, but in the Uvalde area,” Ruiz said. We’ve seen over 2,500 donors come through our doors here in San Antonio and other areas.

This is a quick and easy process to get set up to donate. Many community members have already helped out over the past week, but the levels are still not where they should be.

“Ideally, we would like to have a seven-day supply to adequately supply all the hospitals we serve in these communities. Like I said, South Texas serves 48 counties, over 100 hospitals and clinics,” Ruiz said.

And as for Lillian, she said she donated every eight weeks, doing what she could to make sure there was enough blood to help in any life-threatening situation.

“You do it to help others. It’s like anything they can give you, a t-shirt or a gift card. You do it to help,” Jeffs said.

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If you would like to donate and help, you can do so by clicking here.

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