Campground chaos leaves child in intensive care, town shakes | Ararat announcer

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“Very, very painful.” This is the only way an incident that left a child in intensive care on New Years Day could be described by acting Kentish Council mayor Don Thwaites. At around 2 a.m. on January 1, Tasmanian police alleged that a 27-year-old man drove a car through a tent that held two adults and three children at West Kentish Road campgrounds. Everyone in the tent was rushed to hospital, and a 10-year-old was later transferred to the intensive care unit at Royal Hobart Hospital. It is understood that they are in stable condition. Cr Thwaites said that although council was aware that the campground had a history of anti-social behavior, it was “clearly the worst anti-social behavior we have seen.” “In the past we have had complaints… sometimes alcohol related, several times related to motor cars driving around and antics… and fires in some places.” C It is, should we say, a scandalous incident. “Overall, people are behaving well and just enjoying the beautiful place.” Since the alleged incident, concerns from campers have been raised about the regulation of the West Kentish site with comments that more should be done to manage camper behavior. Currently, the campsite has a guardian, but there is no communal guard or guardian permanently on site. Cr Thwaites said it was not as clear as hiring someone, with problems finding the resources to do so and relatively low site usage for most of the year. “Usually, camping is self-regulated. If people are having trouble with other people, if it’s a police matter, they’re supposed to call the police. People have (previously) rejected the idea of ​​camping fees so there’s really no way we could pay for it. “We did some polls, we looked to increase the presence there and pay a fee to use (the site) but those ideas were rejected.” Cr Thwaites said the council had a good relationship with the police and that there had been occasions, such as on previous long weekends, where they had requested patrols if problems were anticipated. “At the same time, we recognize that their resources are exhausted and that we have a small number of officers working. If anything happens, we can always call Devonport Police … but as a safety measure, so that they’re patrolling the area, I don’t think that’s reasonable. ” Cr Thwaites said the board was open to suggestions from campers and the family involved, with an emphasis on “(making sure) this does not happen again”. “We wouldn’t want to see this anywhere. Our hearts go out to the family.” Tasmanian Police said a man was in custody following the incident, but no charges have yet been laid while the investigation continues. “Police will claim the man crashed his vehicle through a tent which contained two adults and three children sleeping inside,” they said. “The man then narrowly missed other campsites and people in the area before colliding with a tree.” Acting Sergeant Fabienne Jamieson said police had received reports that the man “exhibited antisocial behavior prior to the accident”. “As we continue to investigate the incident, we are seeking information from members of the public who were in the area at the time.” Anyone with information is asked to contact Acting Sergeant Fabienne Jamieson at 131 444 and quote extension 91-01012022.


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