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Finance your buyer costs

A new-build house is almost always sold freely in your name with existing buildings the costs buyer are charged to you. These costs include all costs that relate to the purchase and financing of your home . These costs can run high so that most consumers want to finance the costs of the buyer instead of paying from their own resources.

Mortgage or consumer credit

house loan ans cash

In most cases it was customary to finance the buyer costs by increasing the mortgage. This co-financing is still possible until the end of 2017; this option is no longer possible with effect from 2018. The maximum mortgage amount falls from 101% to 100%. There is no longer any room for financing the buyer costs. This not only applies to this loan objective but also to renovations such as a kitchen or bathroom or other wishes such as household effects or even a car that could be realized thanks to a mortgage increase.

Financing the buyer costs with the help of a consumer credit will become a widely used option. Our advisors can extensively advise you in advance what is the most suitable loan for you. In most cases, a personal loan is chosen; the interest, duration and monthly charges are fixed.

Fiscal advantage and extra penalty-free extra redemption

A personal loan has the advantage that the interest costs are tax deductible. This tax advantage does not offer the flexible form of revolving credit. You may redeem both of these types of loans during the term at any time during the term. Do you have the option to repay the loan in full? There are also no costs involved. Interim repayment on a mortgage was not always free of charge .

Calculate buyer costs

money and calculator

You can calculate the buyer costs yourself. All costs that you have to pay to realize the purchase of your new home fall under the buyer costs. Think of appraisal costs, costs to the broker and notary. But also transfer tax and costs for the mortgage deed. All these costs added together form the costs buyer and this amount comes on top of the price the new house.

Exit online

Our credit specialists can advise you extensively about the options for financing your buyer costs. Of course you can also request a quote for the loan of your choice, free of obligation and free of charge, so that you can see what options you have. The loans that we provide are always tailor-made loans and at low interest rates and favorable conditions. You do not pay any extra costs for taking out a personal loan or revolving credit (for advice and taking out).

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Non-bank installment loans: basic characteristics http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/non-bank-installment-loans-basic-characteristics/ http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/non-bank-installment-loans-basic-characteristics/#respond Mon, 04 Nov 2019 02:58:46 +0000 http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/non-bank-installment-loans-basic-characteristics/ Installments loans are an important component of the offer of modern loan institutions. In terms of the basic mechanism of operation, installment loans in non-bank companies are very similar to consumer loans available in banks’ offers. This does not mean, however, that there are no significant differences between the two types of loan products.

To what extent are non-bank loans in installments similar to bank loans and in what aspects are they different from the latter? Let’s take a closer look at this issue and try to answer this question.


Non-bank installment loans: basic characteristics

Non-bank installment loans: basic characteristics

Currently on Polish non-bank installment loans come in two basic variants:

  • Loans with monthly installments
  • Loans with weekly repayment

The second of these variants obviously comes from the British Isles and is typical for companies originating in the UK.

In terms of the maximum available loan amounts and repayment period, the offer of domestic loan institutions shows a high degree of differentiation. The maximum available installment loan amounts are between $ 25 and 30 thousand. However, there are also offers under which the maximum available loan amount will be only 5,000 USD, which is a typical level for popular payday loans rather than installment loans.

Repayment periods are equally high. The market offers both installment loans with repayments of up to 12 months, as well as installment loans for up to 60 months, which is already approaching the offer of bank loans. More information on installment loans available on the Polish market can be found.


How to choose a good installment loan?

How to choose a good installment loan?

There are three basic factors that should first take into account when comparing different offers:

  • Maximum loan amount
  • Repayment Period
  • Loan costs and monthly installment amount

In particular, the third of these points requires more detailed discussion. Customers are convinced that the actual Annual Interest Rate is a sufficient parameter to compare the financial attractiveness of different offers. In fact, however, the APRC is a highly unreliable parameter, especially when it comes to long-term installment loans . The cost of the loan should in any case mean to us the sum of all fees associated with the loan.

The next issue is the amount of the monthly installment. We often take this factor into account as the most important. This is not always a reasonable approach. As a rule, the loan installment will decrease as the contract period increases. The difference of $ 10 a month in the case of two loans with a repayment period of 30 and 40 months respectively can finally mean the final cost of the loan up to several hundred zlotys.

What other parameters of offers should be considered when choosing an installment loan? Of course, options such as the option of extending or refinancing the loan are important. It may happen that, for example, both offers of interest include the option to extend the contract. In this case, we should compare the allowable extension period (as long as we can extend the loan repayment period) and the amount of commission for extending the contract. Other important factors are the option of loan holidays and the possible existence of loyalty programs in the offer of a given loan company (the latter will be important if we would again want to use a non-bank installment loan in the future),

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Loan for an apartment – take it from a trusted advisor! http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/loan-for-an-apartment-take-it-from-a-trusted-advisor/ http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/loan-for-an-apartment-take-it-from-a-trusted-advisor/#respond Fri, 01 Nov 2019 02:00:06 +0000 http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/loan-for-an-apartment-take-it-from-a-trusted-advisor/

Is a mortgage like a cyrograph? Not necessarily! A loan for a Lambert Humbert apartment or in another city, and more specifically its installment, does not have to ruin your budget or keep you from spending more for years. Just take a Lambert Humbert loan under the watchful eye of a professional – a financial advisor will help you choose the best option!


Loan for an apartment Lambert Humbert – a chance to make your dreams come true

apartment loan

Lambert Humbert mortgage and in other locations is the only chance for many to buy an apartment or build a house. Real estate prices are currently relatively high and constitute a much higher percentage of Poles’ earnings than it was a dozen or even twenty years ago. What conditions must be met to get a loan for an apartment ? Creditworthiness – it all depends on it. What do the banks mean by this term? What do they consider when considering the application? We will introduce you to this issue!


Creditworthiness – “to be or not to be” mortgage

Creditworthiness - "to be or not to be" mortgage

Creditworthiness has been built up over the years. It is influenced not only by monthly income, but also by expenses and previous debt. Here are the most important elements of this issue:

  • amount of monthly income,
  • type of employment contract (the nature of an employment contract – for a definite or indefinite period, a civil law contract or contract),
  • all monthly obligations – fees, subscriptions as well as credits and loans, as well as monthly maintenance costs,
  • also whether we have paid our debts in a timely manner.

Own contribution, i.e. the amount that borrowers will use to buy real estate, is also important in the case of a loan for an apartment. Depending on the bank, it ranges between 10 and 20% of the value of the house or flat.


Loan for a Lambert Humbert apartment with the best adviser in the region!

Do you want to take a loan for a Lambert Humbert apartment or in another city on really good terms? Do you dream about a reasonable installment amount? Report to the best financial advisor in the region! Niroslaw Garan is both an experienced and qualified specialist who will take care of your budget. It will help in completing the application, you will find the most advantageous offer and, in addition, will help you in completing the formalities. The whole process of applying for a mortgage will go faster and easier!


Make an appointment not only for a loan!

Make an appointment not only for a loan!

Niroslaw Garan, a financial advisor, works in Kolbuszowa every day, where he manages a team of several people. All its members are experienced professionals, to whom you can entrust your: wallet, account and related dreams. The office is located in Kolbuszowa, at ul. Lambert Humbertska. It is also possible to write a message using the form on our website: Lambert Humbert /. In addition, Niroslaw Garan offers services not only for mortgages. He is a professional financial advisor who has no secrets to budget issues. Here are the other services:

  • cash loan for any purpose,
  • reduction of liability costs,
  • company loan,
  • leasing,
  • consolidation.
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Revolving credit, advice and advice http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/revolving-credit-advice-and-advice/ http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/revolving-credit-advice-and-advice/#respond Sat, 26 Oct 2019 02:04:21 +0000 http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/revolving-credit-advice-and-advice/

A revolving credit is a line of credit of a particular kind. It is an envelope, left at the disposal of the customers according to their capacity of refund and / or their conditions of resources, and usable in whole or in part. It is called renewable because the funds are reconstituted as and when repayments. For each monthly payment paid, a portion of the amount of the installment is reinstated in the usable envelope of the revolving credit. So much so that we can surf constantly on the same envelope, depending on our borrowing and our repayments.

Is revolving credit really healthy to use?

Is revolving credit really healthy to use?

Of course, the envelope in question is not made available free of charge. Loans outstanding are subject to interest, the rates of which are for the vast majority of cases revisable and quite high. The flexibility of the system therefore has a cost, and in some cases can be a trap rather than a relief.

Indeed, in case of a hard blow, and as long as our budget is already tight, the additional burden generated by the monthly repayments adds to the household budget. The trap is to subscribe to a reserve of money to make ends meet, and to buy a second to meet the needs related to the expenses generated by the first. Etc.

But since the procession of Lagarde laws, implemented from January 2012, things have changed for revolving credits. Until then, no time limit was fixed in the repayment period. The sums of interest and insurance being fixed, it was quite possible, with a monthly payment of $ 45, to repay only $ 1 of capital every month. This could extend repayment terms indefinitely and make it an extremely expensive line of credit, provided we can not increase our monthly payment. Imagine having to bail out the $ 900 cash reserve at this rate. It would have taken 75 years !!!

Fortunately, from now on, and since these laws, the amounts used in revolving credits must be repaid in a certain period of time:

  • Sum less than $ 3,000: up to three years
  • Sum greater than $ 3,000: maximum of five years

This allowed a better visibility on these banking products a little special. And greater protection for bank users as well.

Are there benefits to having a cash reserve?

Are there benefits to having a cash reserve?

But revolving, although expensive and sometimes tricky, have not only disadvantages. On the contrary. Everyone does not have an envelope of hundreds or even thousands of USD like that. And how to do in case of failure of a good household appliances? Or serious breakdown on the vehicle? Or school stay to settle? It is difficult nowadays to live without a refrigerator, and insurance does not always take care of everything.

The revolving credit solution simplifies life. The envelope is available. So we only need to use the funds we really need and then repay the borrowed amount over several months. This allows you to control your monthly budget. In this sense, a revolving credit is much more responsive and practical than a conventional depreciable loan. First, because the funds are directly at their destination and do not require any justification. Secondly, because a depreciable loan requires that all the funds be released before starting to repay. Major temporal and administrative disadvantages that are not found in the money reserves.

Another point emphasizing the flexibility of these financing products, it is about the immediate consumption, the blow of heart, the opportunity to seize. Once again, it is not always obvious that we have a large unlockable amount on our bank account by snapping their fingers. This is why banks have set up the possibility, via an option most generally, to back a credit card to a revolving credit. So, if you finally find the article you have been looking for for so long, if you come across the opportunity of the century, you are not financially deprived. A simple passage of the credit card, a payment on credit, and it is the reserve of money which will be imputed of the sum. In fact, you will not have to suffer any immediate consequences on your budget, any more than bank charges or agios on your current account. You are free to calibrate your envelope recovery time. It is this duration that will dictate the amount of your future maturities.

The last interesting point in this type of operation is that it is possible to fully refund the sums used, in one go, and without penalties, when we want. The good deal or the unexpected happened on the 15th of the month? Once the salary is received on the 30th, nothing prevents you from paying the revolving credit. And here is another point often very complicated to negotiate on depreciable loans.

Revolving credit, comparisons between banks.

Revolving credit, comparisons between banks.

Throughout these pages, we chose to dissect seven renewable credits from seven different institutions. You will find, according to your reading, that these banking products are very similar, even between competing institutions. Differences from one revolving credit to another relate to the level of the rates, the maximum amount of envelopes, or on the backing of a bank card or not.

But among the banking, these two are not necessarily the cheapest. The CreditCole Free Asset, or the revolving credit of Bank Loat, offer their customers much lower rates. In fact, only the LCL seems much more expensive. We say “seems” because the scales of this bank, a subsidiary of CreditCole, are not listed anywhere. We therefore relied on the example put forward on the product page to vote. And with a rate of almost 20% revisable for a repayment period of 3 years, it is actually the most expensive. This is not necessarily surprising and remains consistent with the LCL’s general guideline for fees.

How are these banking products really articulated?

How are these banking products really articulated?

On the other hand, we looked at two finance companies; Cashieca and Eicredit. There are many others, but these two are quite representative of what we can find on the market. On the one hand, Cashieca offers us a reserve of money alone, and capped at $ 6,000. On the other Eicredit associates a blue card, as do the banks, but also caps its envelope usable to 6 000 $.

In the other pages of the site, we will focus more on the revolving credit itself than on the banks that are able to offer it. How to terminate a revolving credit? Can we make a reliable simulation of it at home? How to get a revolving credit fast? What are the different cards associated with revolving credits? What advantages are there?

These are all questions that we have tried to answer, as precisely as possible. Because, indeed, it is quite simple to calculate and obtain the figures concerning a loan depreciable, as the calculation of the terms of a revolving loan is much more complex. In fact, the calculation methods are very different. And the fact that a partially used envelope can both be used again and still being reconstituted does not make it easy.

Finally, we will just mention a fact. Know that this type of loans, which we could call rechargeable, are not a French exclusivity. Far from it. In addition, the same mechanism may also exist on larger loans, including loans related to real estate. This is called rechargeable mortgages. Some Anglo-Saxon banks have made it a specialty.

The principle of this type of loan can be extremely practical, flexible and responsive; and at the same time, very expensive, even dangerous. It is all about anticipating the budget and the time needed to use the reserve. It is really on these two points that the total cost related to these revolving credit operations is played out…

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Looking for a favorable payday loan – reach for the loan ranking http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/looking-for-a-favorable-payday-loan-reach-for-the-loan-ranking/ http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/looking-for-a-favorable-payday-loan-reach-for-the-loan-ranking/#respond Wed, 09 Oct 2019 01:44:44 +0000 http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/looking-for-a-favorable-payday-loan-reach-for-the-loan-ranking/

Financial matters should always be taken very seriously. Regardless of whether it is a small loan for 100 dollars or a huge loan in thousands. And this means that you are properly prepared to sign the contract, read it with the utmost care, but above all to choose the best offer. The loan ranking prepared by experts and themed comments may be helpful in this.


Saving time

Saving time

Not only because it presents reliable data on current market offers. It also saves a lot of time on their own searching, analyzing and comparing. The rankings are most often arranged according to a specific formula, grouped on the basis of the maximum financing amount, loan repayment date, and interest rate. In the detailed data you can easily and quickly find the most important information that will allow you to choose the most optimal offer without having to spend long hours searching.


Clear explanations

payday loan

The matter of time is just one of the advantages. Ranking loans are also very important clarifications regarding specific offers; description of doubts regarding the contract, indication of the exact pros and cons of its conclusion. For people who do not want to use the paid advice of a financial expert or simply do not have access to it, this is the best and most helpful option. All information in one hand, accessible after a few clicks, completely free of charge.


Ranking of loans as a facility

payday loan

Therefore, loan lists prepared by specialists and widely available on the Internet become, by necessity, the basic source of information about cash loans , payday loans, as evidence, without BIK or BIG. They are a great facilitation for individual and business clients, companies and enterprises looking for the best offers and possibilities of financing their activities. The free and universal nature of the available data is certainly a huge advantage of the rankings, which makes them so popular and often used by future borrowers.

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A loan before the wedding – is it worth it? http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/a-loan-before-the-wedding-is-it-worth-it/ http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/a-loan-before-the-wedding-is-it-worth-it/#respond Tue, 01 Oct 2019 02:08:22 +0000 http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/a-loan-before-the-wedding-is-it-worth-it/

How much do the wedding cost? Where to get money for it? Is a pre-wedding loan a good idea? Is it possible to credit only part of the costs? And is money always the most important decision criterion? Check out what to know when planning your wedding budget.

The organization of a wedding and reception is, apart from buying a house or flat, one of the biggest expenses in life. Of course, the amount of costs depends on the expectations of the bride and groom and the number of invited guests, as well as the nature of the wedding. However, it cannot be denied that this is an expensive undertaking that requires considerable financial outlays.


What is the cost of a wedding and reception?

What is the cost of a wedding and reception?

It all depends on the form of celebration we decide on. If it is only a ceremony at the office, after which you invite guests to dinner at the restaurant, the costs will not be too high. Usually such celebrations are organized for a small group of guests, therefore one key criterion will be the so-called price per person per plate. Depending on the city, it can range from 100 to even 200 USD per person. You will then avoid the costs associated with church fees and the setting of the wedding (music, decorations, alcohol, food and service for several hours, accommodation or transport of guests). Of course, you have to take into account costs such as: dressing up of the bride and groom, fees at the Registry Office, wedding rings and any car, which you will leave from the office to the restaurant waiting for you.

The cost of such a wedding, assuming that it is organized for about 20 people, fluctuates around the amount of 4 10,000, including the bride’s dress and accessories, which can cost a lot. This is an upper price level, because you can try to reduce costs and fit within 4 7,000 by choosing a less reputable restaurant or buying a second-hand gown.

When organizing a church wedding together with a typical Polish wedding, the costs are much higher. First of all, they are usually organized for a larger number of invited guests, therefore it is a considerable expense. Also, the price for a “plate” with a menu containing dinner, cakes, several hot dishes and snacks, and service lasting over a dozen hours is much higher. Most often it is from 200 to 300 4 per person. You should also take into account the costs associated with the interior of the hall and additional attractions that will grace your celebration. The musical setting of such an event also costs from 2,000 – 3,000 USD for a DJ, up to 4,000 – 5,000 USD for a band or orchestra. In addition, church and official fees, wedding rings, church decor, vehicle and the clothing of the bride and groom. The cost of such an event for about 100 people is a cost of around 50,000, which can grow indefinitely depending on the wishes of the bride and groom.


Where to get money for a wedding?

Where to get money for a wedding?

There are usually 3 outputs from this situation:

  • putting own funds away from current income,
  • asking for financial support for loved ones,
  • loan to finance the wedding and reception .

Each solution has its pros and cons, so it’s worth considering them carefully before making a decision.


Self financing your own wedding reception

wedding reception

It’s a big challenge. As for the party and the modest celebration, the required amount can be collected in a year or two of the extras received at work from the titles of awards, tax refunds, holiday allowances, compensations for “holidays under the pear tree,” etc. Many future spouses also decide for additional employment to raise funds. In the case of a larger event it is much more difficult, therefore, most often young couples decide to temporarily go abroad to quickly collect for their dream party.


Parents pay for the wedding

Parents pay for the wedding

One of the most common financing options for the venture. The parents of the bride and groom contribute to the budget of the wedding, so that the young have a larger amount at their disposal. However, this involves many additional, not necessarily positive situations. First of all, we usually have to take into account the opinion of the family on the subject of organization and all related aspects. Brides are often already sufficiently stressed by the organization of the event, and the constant interference of parents or in-laws only intensifies this. Often, the divergence of opinions is so great that they cannot be reconciled. Asking for family financial support also has a second, not only measurable, monetary effect: we incur a considerable debt … gratitude. Everyone who finds themselves in such a situation knows that this is a very uncomfortable situation. In addition, it may require a loan reimbursement due to family conflicts, not necessarily within the time limit according to your options.


Wedding loan

Wedding loan

A pre-wedding loan is often the option to finance it. It has a lot of advantages that allow a young couple to prepare for the wedding at their pace and on their terms. This allows you to reduce the stress of preparation and gives you the confidence that you will be able to settle accounts with contractors regardless of the generosity of your employers, parents or guests and the content of the envelopes they give. What are the main benefits of such a solution?

  1. You don’t ask your family for financial support, so you don’t have to reckon with their opinions and you don’t have any debts of gratitude. You have complete freedom in organizing the ceremony, no one can accuse you of wastefulness in financing specific elements of the event (e.g. you can easily buy your dream wedding dress without the stingy comments of the mother-in-law).
  2. You can spread the loan repayment into convenient installments, without risking that in case of conflicts with your family you will be forced to pay back at the wrong time, or worse, the family will delay transferring your promised funds and you will have problems with billing for services.
  3. If you are not able to finance the wedding in any other way, you cannot or do not want to count on the help of the family, and you care about getting married, this may be your only option. It is worth analyzing the offers of institutions offering their financial products so that the wedding loan is beneficial and secure.
  4. With a loan, you can only fund the missing part of the wedding budget that you didn’t manage to put aside. Thanks to this, you will reduce any loan costs and ensure your liquidity without the risk that you cannot cope with paying too high installments.
  5. Taking a joint loan for a wedding, you will check your partner. This is a good test for a relationship, especially if you have a loan for an apartment or house. It will also help you build a better credit history that will positively impact the possibility of lowering your mortgage costs in the future.

To sum up, there are many possibilities and ways to finance a wedding and reception, as well as a large discrepancy in the possible costs of organizing the event. The most important is to choose a solution ideally suited to your needs so that this special day looks exactly as you dreamed of.

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What should the loan agreement contain? http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/what-should-the-loan-agreement-contain/ http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/what-should-the-loan-agreement-contain/#respond Tue, 01 Oct 2019 01:56:59 +0000 http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/what-should-the-loan-agreement-contain/

The design of the loan agreement protects the borrower and the lender in accordance with banking law. When establishing credit cooperation, it is difficult to talk about formal deviations.

Credit theory related to banking law refers to credit as part of purpose. The borrower undertakes to repay the amount of the liability, pay interest and commission.

Lending is the most important goal of retail banking

Lending is the most important goal of retail banking

Bank credit is the most popular product in retail banking ensuring maximum profits from similar activities. Due to the purposefulness of the debt, the bank is able to control the circulation of its own money and terminate the contract if there are risky premises.

Pursuant to the regulations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, banks may not take excessive risk of servicing liabilities, as this threatens macroeconomic problems. What does a secure loan agreement consist of?

Basic conditions in the contract


The presentation of the parties to the contract is the first, basic element that requires a creditworthiness analysis (qualitative and quantitative assessment). The next point is the amount and currency of the loan. In some types of loans, e.g. mortgages, they have been statutorily withdrawn from foreign currencies. Most often, the loan is in the currency of earnings. Thanks to this there is no speculation.

There is no purpose in cash loans. Therefore, a cash loan is actually a cash loan, which differs in terms of the contract structure from a standard loan. Cash loan is only a colloquial name for a debt product intended for any consumer purpose, which is worth understanding before comparing offers and signing commitments.

Contract optimization

Contract optimization

The rules and repayment date of the loan result not only from the bank’s regulations, but also from the guidelines. The longest possible mortgage loan repayments, and the shortest cash loan. The longer the repayment period, the higher the cost of total debt. An aware borrower should shorten the duration of the contract as much as possible in order not to expose himself to economic risk.

The loan agreement includes the interest rate and prospects for change over time. Unfortunately, each loan is directly related to the monetary policy pursued by the National Bank of Poland, in other words the central bank. Low interest rates encourage you to take a cash loan, and high discourages due to the appearance of a larger monthly installment. The loan aspect also includes a collateral aspect. With positive creditworthiness, not necessary, especially as part of consumer loans.

A brief overview of key credit collateral groups

The most popular collateral includes the signing of a blank promissory note, pledge on securities and other goods, debt insurance combined with the assignment of rights to the lender, mortgage. Due to the secured property, the borrower usually receives much better repayment terms. The value of collateral therefore has a positive effect on the terms of the contract.

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What interest on the deposit http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/what-interest-on-the-deposit/ http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/what-interest-on-the-deposit/#respond Fri, 13 Sep 2019 01:59:44 +0000 http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/what-interest-on-the-deposit/

This is not the time for risky investments. The principle is simple. When the economic situation is going well, when we can talk about general prosperity, one can be tempted by slightly more risky ways of depositing capital.

Things are very different when it comes to crisis. Unfortunately, the economy has been struggling with the crisis for almost 7 years.

So it’s not a good time to take risky actions


In a crisis, the most important thing is to protect money against inflation. Security above all. That is why the popularity of bank deposits is so huge. Poles also value simple rules for the operation of bank deposits.

They know how much they will pay, for what period and what profit they can expect. Speaking of potential profit, interest rates should also be mentioned. Profit depends on this last factor.

What interest on the deposit


Finance experts recommend fixed interest rates for short-term deposits. After a few months of the deposit, you know how much money you will earn. The variable interest rate is mainly recommended for those who decide to open long-term deposits. Profit after the end of the contract is one unknown.

The variable interest rate depends on many different factors. Most often, WIBID and WIBOR rates are taken into account when calculating the interest rate. The policy of the National Bank of Poland also has an impact on the interest rate.

When it raises interest rates, the return on deposits will be higher. We will learn about the interest rate we can count on in a given bank or which policy a given institution is by reviewing the regulations of a given institution.

Variable or fixed interest rate


When, as a result of the Monetary Policy Council, interest rates go down, the bank will react immediately by lowering interest rates on deposits. Holders of short-term deposits will feel the fastest. With a quarterly deposit, the interest rate reduction in the second month of the deposit does not give a chance to correct losses.

In turn, such chances are given by a long-term deposit with a variable interest rate. By the way, not many banks offer variable interest rates for short-term deposits.

Therefore, as it was said before, it is better to opt for variable interest rate for long-term deposits. The variable policy of the Monetary Policy Council over a dozen months gives a chance to make up for the losses.

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Assigned credit http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/assigned-credit/ http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/assigned-credit/#respond Wed, 04 Sep 2019 01:52:49 +0000 http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/assigned-credit/

This link has a twofold consequence:

  • you only start paying back after you have been delivered.

  • if you do not get the credit, the purchase is canceled (if the credit request is stipulated when ordering) and vice versa.

Most often, this type of credit is directly offered by the merchant where you make the relevant purchase (supermarket, car dealership, appliance store …): “auto credit”, “motorcycle credit”, etc … ; he is in charge of the formalities with the financial company with which he has agreements.

The loan agreement indicates the loan allocation, its amount, the interest rate and the repayment terms . Car buying is one of the most frequent occasions of affected credit. Other types of financing are now offered by car financing professionals in addition to “traditional” loans: lease with option to buy, guarantee of resumption at the end of the contract, etc.

You are not required to choose the credit institution that the merchant has designated you. Remember that you can always choose to take out an assigned credit with your bank. The seller can not refuse. Make sure that the credit agreement specifically mentions the goods or services financed by this loan. Study the different offers well.

The lender must inform you and check your creditworthiness

The lender must inform you and check your creditworthiness

Since the reform of the Lagarde law of July 1, 2010, the lender, or the seller who offers you a credit on the occasion of a purchase, must provide you with all the necessary explanations that will allow you to assess whether the credit that we offer you is well suited to your needs and your financial situation. Your attention should be drawn to the consequences of a possible default.

And before you give credit, the lender is required to check your creditworthiness. For this, he may ask you to provide various information. It has the obligation to establish, in writing, a fact sheet (called “dialogue form”) which mentions the amount of your income, your expenses and your debt for the loans which you would have already subscribed and in Refund course. This form is given to you and you must sign it by declaring on the honor the accuracy of the information communicated. For credits over $ 3,000, you must also provide proof of identity, residence and income. And now, the lender also has the obligation to consult the National File of Incidents of Repayment of Credits to Individuals (FICP).

You can request early delivery of the purchased goods

You can request early delivery of the purchased goods

As long as the withdrawal period of 14 calendar days, concerning the credit agreement, has not expired, the seller is not obliged to deliver the goods or to perform the service financed by the credit. However, you can, in writing, apply for an early delivery, that is to say before that date. The withdrawal period then expires on the date of delivery or performance of the service, but can not be less than three days.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal

The exercise of the right of withdrawal

You can reconsider your decision to borrow within 14 days from the day of acceptance of the loan offer.

If you have requested an early delivery of the purchased goods, the withdrawal period expires on the date of delivery or performance of the service, but can not be less than 3 days.

The contract of sale or the provision of services related to the credit agreement is solved (canceled) as of right. The withdrawal of the credit automatically terminates the purchase or supply contract.

In the event of delivery or immediate supply of the goods or the provision of services, the contract of sale or provision of services is canceled only if the retraction takes place within 3 days from the acceptance of the credit agreement.

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Loan for nurses with a professional advisor! http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/loan-for-nurses-with-a-professional-advisor/ http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/loan-for-nurses-with-a-professional-advisor/#respond Tue, 03 Sep 2019 02:02:41 +0000 http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/loan-for-nurses-with-a-professional-advisor/

A nurse is primarily a mission and a calling. Every day in the hospital wards and outpatient clinics, nurses take care of our health and life. Unfortunately, their salary rarely goes hand in hand with the difficulty and responsibility that they face each day. Money offered by the authorities of medical facilities rarely allows nurses to save money – running a home, raising children, running expenses … Consumption disappears quite quickly. Financial adviser Miloslaw Taran has prepared a special offer for representatives of this profession – a loan by Mario Guillermo on very favorable terms!


Mario Guillermo loan for nurses

nurse loan

  • We appreciate the work of nurses. We are aware that their remuneration is not adequate to the effort they put in helping others. That is why we are the only ones on the market who highly value their creditworthiness and we have a special offer prepared for them – explains financial advisor Mario Guillermo, Miloslaw Taran. What exactly does it offer to representatives of this demanding profession? Get to know the conditions!


Mario Guillermo cash loan – criteria for nurses

  • First of all – any goal,
  • preferential interest rate,
  • repayment time up to a maximum of 10 years,
  • no income verification – determined on the basis of years of work,
  • loan amount from 10,000 to 300,000 USD.

The conditions on which we assign cash loans to nurses are therefore extremely favorable.


Not only nurses – we respect free professions

Not only nurses - we respect free professions

Many – mistakenly – think that you can only get a Mario Guillermo loan if you are employed under a contract of employment, preferably for an indefinite period. This is a myth! Earnings and the type of contract are one of many factors that affect the assessment of creditworthiness. Miloslaw Taran’s team trusts people representing freelancers as well. Instead of a mass of certificates from the tax office or other institutions, he requires from them … only a statement! The decision is often issued in several minutes.

For freelancers such as: lawyer, architect, tax advisor, bailiff, doctor (specialization required), dentist, veterinarian, legal advisor, nurse and others, we grant loans of up to 120,000 USD without collateral for any purpose. Loans are granted for a period of 6 to 120 months, based on a statement, all you need is to show your ID card and the right to practice the profession – declares financial adviser Mario Guillermo.


Mario Guillermo loan from a trusted specialist

Financial adviser Miloslaw Taran operates in Mario Guillermoa, Kolbuszowa and Krakow. Over ten years of experience has resulted in thousands of completed contracts – both for individual clients as well as companies and institutions. The Mario Guillermo loan is not the only element of its offer. A financial advisor also helps with granting a mortgage, creates personal or currency accounts.

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