Chris Brown’s Lamborghini is the most expensive sale on cars and deals

When it comes to auto auction websites, it’s never really shocking to see incredibly high prices. Throughout Bring A Trailer’s history, there are plenty of auctions that have seen insane numbers topping six and even seven-figure sums. However, not all auction sites offer cars of the same caliber as others. This Lamborghini Aventador, once owned by celebrities, sold for a fairly reasonable price.

This blue Lamborghini Aventador currently holds the record

Blue Lamborghini Aventador | Cars and Auctions

Recently sold on Cars and Bids, this gorgeous blue Lamborghini Aventador currently holds the record for the most expensive car sold on Cars and Bids. Its final hammer price was $270,000. It should be noted that two other auctions received higher bids than this one. However, none of these auctions reached their reserve, so they either did not sell or sold after the auction ended.

This 2012 Lamborghini Aventador started life as a standard gray car. However, he now wears a much more visible coating of Miami Blue. According to the paragraph at the top of the page written by Cars and Bids founder Doug DeMuro, it is indeed paint and not wrap. It’s an expensive job!

However, the price of the paint job becomes a wash when you find out the original owner would be Chris Brown. According to TMZ, this is indeed Brown’s old vehicle, and he had the custom paint job done. Honestly, the color suits the Aventador’s flamboyance quite well. It’s always interesting to see what celebrities do with their supercars.

Chris Brown sitting atop a custom painted Miami Blue Lamborghini Aventador that recently sold on Cars and Bids

Chris Brown with the Lamborghini Aventador | Cars and Auctions

The paint is not the only modification. The listing says it has modified suspension components but does not explicitly detail what they are. Additionally, the vehicle features a paint protection film to help preserve its Miami Blue paintwork.

All in all, $270,000 is a steal, considering TMZ reports the second owner paid Chris Brown $300,000 for the car.

This Lamborghini is also on sale again

Blacked out badge on Chris Brown's custom Miami Blue Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini badge blacked out on Aventador | Cars and Auctions

It appears that the buyer of this Lamborghini was somehow associated with Austin Direct Auto Sales in Austin, TX, as this dealership now sells this car.

There’s also a pretty substantial markup over the auction price, with the Austin dealership asking for $349,900. If you’re looking to buy an Aventador, you’re in luck. You have some leverage knowing what they paid for it.

Obviously, an Aventador is not a car you get to sleep in. It therefore makes sense to paint it in a strong and easily identifiable color! Not that you really need to call attention to it. The screaming V12 behind the seats, putting out a whopping 691 horsepower, should draw attention on its own.

As mentioned earlier, it’s not the most expensive car in Cars and Bids history. It is, however, the most expensive car ever sold on the platform. Interestingly enough, the highest priced car in Cars and Bids history is a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ which was offered at $557,000. Additionally, a Countach was offered at $390,000 and a Huracan EVO at $281,500.

Now all that remains is to wait for the next record holder to emerge from the woodwork! For now, keep scrolling to find out more about the cheapest car ever sold on Cars and Bids!

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