CoinEx Charity Launches $10 Million Charity Fund to Improve Global Public Welfare

Focusing on humanistic care, CoinEx Charity has launched charity events around the world starting in 2021. The organization has provided vital supplies and medical aids to people living in impoverished areas and helped children from different countries to have equal access to education. In the event of a disaster, it offered immediate emergency aid to the affected areas.

Over the past year, CoinEx Charity has sponsored numerous football matches in Belarus, providing free tickets and training sessions to local children. By empowering these dreamers, CoinEx Charity has enabled the promotion of human development.

In December 2021CoinEx Charity donated 700 child care packages from Uniuyo University Hospital to Nigeria. For children, these are gifts that warm the heart.

After typhoon Rai The Philippines in January 2022, CoinEx spared no effort to support disaster relief in the country and immediately dispatched support teams to the three most affected areas to offer emergency aid, including a total of 300 parcels of stationery. Apart from providing emergency supplies, CoinEx has also donated funds to the local government to help with disaster relief and reconstruction.

In 2022, during the Iranian New Year, CoinEx Charity visited remote villages in Isfahan that suffer from poor living conditions and distributed food parcels to 100 poor families.

CoinEx Charity has hosted charity events in regions that include Belarus, Nigeria, The Philippinesand Iran and will continue to carry the message of love and charity to all corners of the planet.

Leading by action, CoinEx Charity improves global public welfare through concrete actions. While fulfilling its social responsibilities, the organization expands public awareness of charity through its social influence. CoinEx Charity calls on more businesses to work for charitable causes and contribute to global public welfare.

SOURCECoinEx Global Limited

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