Cops ordered to investigate cases on merit

LAHORE: Two separate meetings of Investigations and Operations Wing Officers were held at Qila Gujar Singh District Police lines on Sunday under CCPO Lahore Chairman Bilal Siddique Kamyana.

DIG Shahzada Sultan Investigation, DIG Dr Abid Khan Operations, SSP Imran Kishwar Investigation, SSP Mustansir Feroze Operations, all SP Operations and Investigation Wings, SP Security, SP Dolphin Squad, SP CRO, SP HQ, all SDPO , SHO, In charge Investigation attended the meetings.

Kamyana ordered the SP headquarters that the uniform of all Lahore police forces, different wings, from the rank of constable to higher command should be duly approved. He further said that the immediate crackdown should be launched by forming active special teams against shooting in the air, wheeling, kiting, drug dealers and gamblers.

He said officers should investigate cases quickly and thoroughly while presenting full challenges to cases in court. CCPO Lahore has ordered police officers and staff to treat citizens and civilians with good manners in order to eradicate thana culture and improve the positive image of the department.

He said he would regularly check the recordings of 15 calls and the reception regarding the recording of FIRs. Bilal Siddique Kamyana said that in case of special reports and heinous crimes including dacoity murder, rape, attempted murder, SPs, SDPOs and SHOs should immediately go to the scene of the crime.

CCPO Lahore ordered SPs to take immediate action in cases of abduction and sexual abuse of women and children. He said that as part of community policing, all SPs should strengthen working relationships and mutual coordination with religious scholars, traders and local officials to involve them in the process of maintaining public order.

He said arrest of people should not be carried out if they are found innocent and criminals with strong evidence should be put behind bars. Kamyana ordered the SPs to send him details of cases under investigation daily and to complete pending cases within two months.

18 dead in crashes in Punjab: About 18 people died while 900 were injured in 849 road accidents across all districts of Punjab in the past 24 hours. Of this number, 573 people were seriously injured and were transferred to various hospitals. Whereas, 327 minor injured victims were treated at the site of the incident.

The majority (73%) involved motorcycles. Furthermore, the analysis showed that 405 drivers, 31 underage drivers, 85 pedestrians and 428 passengers were among the victims of these road accidents.

Statistics show that 92 accidents were reported in Multan which affected 101 people placing the provincial capital at the top of the list followed by 78 in Faisalabad with 86 casualties and third in Gujranwala with 69 accidents and 66 casualties.

The details further reveal that 918 victims were affected by road accidents, including 739 males and 179 females, while the age group of the victims shows that 170 were under 18 years old, 461 were between 18 and 40 years old. and the rest of the 287 reported victims were over the age of 40.

According to the data, 768 motorcycles, 67 auto-rickshaws, 78 automobiles, 16 vans, eight passenger buses, seven trucks and 94 other types of motor vehicles and slow carts were

involved in the aforementioned road accidents.

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