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For how many of us does this classic story ring true? You work all week and finally get paid. When you check your bank account, you see a large amount of money that appears to be more than what you might even need for the next week or two. So you immediately make the decision to spend some of that money on something you really wanted.

Well, as we all know that money turns out not to be endless and within days it slowly went down as we pay the bills, make the car payments, make the mortgage payments, fill up on gas, buy groceries, etc. The next time we look at our bank accounts again, there is almost nothing left and we start to feel guilty that we bought what we wanted instead of allocating the money to the necessities.

Now imagine a different scenario where, before you even had access to that money, you had already made a small donation of $ 5, $ 10, or $ 20 to a charity that you knew was going to spend the money on a charity. laudable cause. Most likely, that amount of money is not going to make or break you; and for most people it will even go unnoticed. You will still be paying your bills, fueling your car, and buying basic necessities. You will probably still buy that item you wanted from the last time you got paid. But how much easier will it be to alleviate some of that guilt associated with that frivolous purchase knowing that you, first and foremost, have generously given a portion of your money to help those in your community who truly are. in need ?

This is exactly what United Way of Southern West Virginia allows you to do with its workplace giving campaign. This campaign is partnering with local businesses in Southern West Virginia to enable employees to make payroll deductions at United Way of Southern Virginia. The donation amount would come directly from the employee’s check and the contribution is pooled with other donors to have a big impact. Ten dollars per paycheck can provide shoes for 12 students in southern West Virginia or 40 meals for homebound seniors.

By supporting United Way of Southern West Virginia, you can at least know that your hard-earned money is being used to support members of your community.

So, do you eat the long $ 5 that feeds you for a meal or do you donate that $ 5 to an organization that helps feed our hungry neighbors for all the meals they eat? Guess what? Most of us can do both.

If you or your employer would like to be a part of this campaign to support your local community by supporting United Way of Southern West Virginia, the website is, the phone number is 304-253-2111 and the address is 110. Croft Street, Beckley, WV 25801.

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