Donations, chants and calls for change: Celebrities react to Roe’s end

Musicians, athletes and other celebrities are using their platforms to respond to the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood Friday.

The conservative court ruling has already triggered abortion bans in a number of states and sparked protests across the country.

The singer Lizzo, following the decision, announced that she was pledging $500,000 to Planned Parenthood and abortion rights organization on her upcoming tour, which begins in September.

“Black woman [and] women of color have historically had disproportionate access to family planning resources – this is a great loss but not news,” Lizzo posted on her Instagram account.

The Live Nation concert promoter pledged the same $500,000 to abortion rights organizations and also agreed to cover travel costs for employees seeking out-of-state abortions, the company announced on Instagram.

British singer Harry Styles, in a social media post, wrote that he felt “absolutely devastated” for Americans and urged his fans to check in with loved ones.

Styles, in an interview on “The Howard Stern Show” last month, said he doesn’t believe anyone should be making decisions about “someone else’s body” after a draft notice on the decision was disclosed by the Supreme Court in May, Seventeen reported.

The stars also made their voices heard on social media following the decision.

Singer Phoebe Bridgers, during a set at England’s Glastonbury Festival on Friday, asked her fans to sing “‘Fuck the Supreme Court’ for three.”

“All these uninteresting old motherfuckers trying to tell us what to do with our fucking bodies,” Bridgers said of the Supreme Court justices.

Bridgers has been a vocal proponent of abortion rights, releasing a cover of a Bo Burnham song in 2021 to help a number of Texas abortion funds, Entertainment Weekly reported.

She is previously revealed she had an abortion and asked Planned Parenthood for help.

Along with musicians, star athletes also weighed in on the decision.

LeBron James shared a tweet suggesting that universal health care and attempts to reduce black maternal mortality rates in the South would be a focal point for abortion advocates if they cared about the lives of “babies “.

Friday’s decision is “ABSOLUTELY ON POWER AND CONTROL!!” james tweeted.

You can read a number of reactions from other celebrities to the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down abortion rights below.

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