Donations needed to furnish new Life Changes properties

WASHOE COUNTY, Nev. (KOLO) — Three new homes in Washoe County are specifically for women coming out of jail or prison, fleeing domestic violence or homelessness. Life Changes manages them, but they are unfurnished.

“I left my ex-boyfriend, it was just terribly bad, I had to leave. It was either his life or mine, so I had to leave, explains Ana Garcia. She just started with Life Changes in February She moved from San Diego last year, adding: “Not knowing anyone or if anyone can help you or know what you could do, I didn’t know of any shelters or anything like that, so my safety net was prison, I made prison my safety net.”

Once she heard about Life Changes, she now has a safe place to lay her head. Many of the clients’ circumstances include having escaped violence, so KOLO 8 does not disclose the location of these homes.

“Each house is a house for them, it’s not a facility, it’s a house where they cook dinner together as a family and they sit and watch TV together and they do all these things. So for that to happen, we have to give them this warm environment where they feel comfortable when they come here,” explains founder Lisa Moore.

Necessary items include single sized bedding, pillows, sheets, towels, feminine hygiene products, wash cloths, new hair dryers and curling irons…everything in your home that makes you feel good, think about women who don’t have much.

“You can tell if they’ve been through certain things, you don’t see that glint in their eyes anymore, but when you go into Life Changes, you start to see that change,” adds Garcia.

Everything given must be new, as Moore tells us: “To rest their heads somewhere, they can have that moment for them, that’s what we’re trying to do for them here, we just see numbers soar for women in all walks of life.”

Since becoming a KOLO Cares Pillar partner, Moore says the agency has grown to 15 properties for men and women in 2022.

Garcia, expresses her gratitude, “When you start to test it or see it for yourself, you’re like…Wow Jesus Christ, this really is Life Changes and it’s changing your life, I mean it’s not isn’t a fake smile, it really puts a smile on your face. She knows there are many who haven’t left their abusive or unhealthy situation yet, her message, “You know you… you want to get the most out of your life because you are worth it.”

The strongest thing you can do is ask for help. Life Changes hopes the community can help offer comfort, as the finish line is just the start of a new journey.

To make a financial donation, go to and click “donate”.

If you would like to arrange a pickup for the new household items you have to give away, email Lisa Moore at [email protected]

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