Easy Wins: Monthly Giving – They Do Good and Give Great Philanthropic Value for Your Money | life and style

Just before opening a new document to write this, I set up a monthly donation to charity.

It took about 50 seconds.

I opened a charity’s web page, clicked “donate now”, selected my monthly donation value, auto-filled my contact and card information and – done.

I had intended to support this charity for some time, but didn’t for the simple reason that I didn’t. And now that I have it, there will be a small reduction in my bank balance each month and in truth, over time, I’ll probably forget it’s there. All the while, that money can do something good for someone else.

Maybe you already give to charity – 80% of us do – but chances are you can give more, and probably without even realizing it.

Setting up a monthly gift is a great philanthropic bang for your buck. It is also often the preferred way for charities to receive money, in that it is stable and predictable.

Setting up a donation in your payment cycle takes a bit longer, but means the tax is instantly removed from the donation, so it’s a maximum of money for the charity and a minimum for you.

The trick may be to choose the right charity for you. Philosopher Peter Singer has his own suggestions for what makes altruism effective, but other experts suggest doing your due diligence, but donating to causes and charities that are close to your heart.

And while giving to organizations and people who do good work, or who need it, is a good thing in itself, there is a selfish benefit: Studies show that people who spend money on others are happier.

Literally everyone wins (easily).

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