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You can bring your cat, dog, rabbit, frog, ferret, horse, or any other pet that you have that you can carry. The animals present must be well behaved (humans too) and kept on a leash or in crates or carriers. Goats, pigs, poultry and other farm animals are also invited.

If your pet is aggressive or overly sensitive and is not a candidate to attend the event, don’t despair, but consider bringing a photo of your pet instead. Each animal and animal owner will receive an individual blessing, whether in person or in absentia.

And if you can’t attend the festivities on Sunday, you can still participate. Reverend Kathee Forrest, pastor of the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Beatrice, tells us that “Blessing your pet is as easy as pronouncing its name followed by: May the abundant blessing of God rest on my well-being pet. loved, a companion with us on the journey of life. Amen.”

The blessing of the animals is an annual celebration in churches nationwide and around the world. The date of the October blessing is important as the feast day of Francoise of Assisi, a Christian patron saint of animals who expressed her love for all creatures. Perhaps you have seen popular garden sculptures from Sainte-France with him depicted with a bird perched in his hand and woodland creatures gathered at his feet.

If you want to participate in a meaningful time with your faithful friend, plan to attend the Blessing of the Animals of tomorrow. It will be a moment of “well-being” for all participants.

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