Give up your car! Cyclist celebrates World Car Free Day in Austin


AUSTIN (KXAN) – If you’re tired of dealing with traffic, Wednesday is the day to give it up altogether. For more than 20 years, World Car Free Day has been celebrated as a way to encourage people to get rid of the car and move on to something greener.

“It’s a day when we can all come together and really transform the way we think about what the default way to get around is every day,” said Mike Radenbaugh, Founder and CEO of Rad Power Bikes. He says choosing to take two wheels is an easy decision in Austin, which ranks among the most bike-friendly cities in the country.

Chad Ballentine of Capital Metro agrees. “It’s really becoming a great city to do everything except be in your car. Says Chad.

Capitol Metro has big plans to continue expanding its trails and all forms of public transportation, not just in downtown Austin. “The current footprint is in the city center in general and a bit to the east and a bit to the west. we would really like to see this develop considerably with the cycle paths that we are developing as well as the bus and train lines that we are developing. it’s not just downtown; we are really focused on the whole region.

What better way to maintain a healthier lifestyle, especially when it’s fun and also helps save the planet from greenhouse gas pollution in the atmosphere.

“Everything we do at Capital Metro as well as with bicycles is aimed at focusing on climate change, because one of the main drivers is single-rider vehicles… and we’re really doubling down to get people out of their way. single driver vehicles. Says Chad.

“We’re also investing in e-bikes… if you haven’t tried them, they’re amazingly fun and you can go a lot further with them… so we’re slowly trying to convert our entire fleet to e-assist bikes. Mike said.

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