GoFundMe donations cover life-saving Portland teacher’s dog surgery

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A local teacher says she is overwhelmed with gratitude after colleagues, parents and students donate money so her dog can have life-saving surgery.

Asrune Reed’s dog Rusty, Blue Heeler, 1 year old, was released from the hospital on Friday. The dog was operated on earlier in the week at Dove Lewis Animal Hospital and spent two days in the intensive care unit.

The students donated their stipend to save Rusty and the largest donation, $ 700, was from two students who donated the money their parents gave them for Hanukkah.

Asrune Reed, left, with her dog Rusty (courtesy Asrune Reed)

Rusty has become something of a mascot for Reed’s freshman class. He watches children in watercolors and is often the muse of young artists.

In October, on a school trip to Kelley Point Park, something happened to Rusty.

“Some of the kids were throwing sticks and he was playing fetch and one of the sticks landed in the mud and got stuck in the mud and Rusty was going in there and he kind of landed on the stick and it looked like it ‘he had stabbed his mouth but then he was sort of limping and he only screamed once, ”Reed described.

She said that the next day Rusty was not feeling well. The vet thought he had stretched a muscle and gave him medicine. At the time, the vet was unaware that the stick had punctured Rusty’s throat and that shards filled with bacteria had entered his lungs.

Two weeks later, Reed and her husband told Rusty that they only had about a month to live. The vet told them he would slowly choke on it if he hadn’t had surgery that would cost at least $ 10,000.

Rusty the dog's lungs x-ray
Rusty the dog’s lungs x-ray (courtesy Asrune Reed)

“I pretty much cried for a day and a half,” Reed said. “I was calling everywhere frantically… trying to figure out how we were going to fight this.”

It was Reed’s vet who suggested he create a GoFundMe account. In two days, the GoFundMe “Help Rusty Survive” page raised $ 10,000.

Reed said she and her husband went from zero hope and accepting that their dog was going to die, to realizing they could proceed with the operation.

All thanks to the generosity of family, friends, friends of friends, Reed’s students and their parents.

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