GTA: San Andreas – Best Cars (and How to Get Them)

GTA: The Trilogy brings back San Andreas’ most beloved cars in a remastered and definitive way. Gamers can find the best at these locations.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition came out recently, and it brought a much-criticized “final” version of the fan favorite GTA San Andreas. The match will follow CJ as he faces his return home to Grove Street. In classic RGT mode, players will manipulate many vehicles as the game progresses.

When RGT: San Andreas first released in 2004, it offered fans the widest variety of vehicles players have ever seen in a RGT Game. It offered classics such as planes, tanks and many new options, such as bike and harvester. However, the core of GTA the experience has always been his cars.


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Cars in GTA San Andreas can vary by much more than speed, as a vehicle with good handling and braking will feel very responsive to players and allow more precise maneuvering even at high speeds. Good acceleration is also a common characteristic with fast vehicles; this will allow CJ to quickly recover his top speed after stops and tight turns.

Where to find the best cars in GTA: San Andreas

The Hell is the classic powerhouse of San Andreas. It is the fastest and one of the most expensive car in the game. This vehicle is an excellent choice for road travel, as it will offer excellent top speed, handling and acceleration. The Infernus is mostly found in downtown Los Santos, but can also spawn in the Richmond or Rodeo and Paradiso neighborhoods in San Fierro.

The Ball is considered by many to be the best looking vehicle in the game. It is an excellent car for the roads and has almost as much acceleration as the Infernus. The Bullet can appear mainly on the Strip in Last Venturas, more rarely in that of San Andreas city ​​of San Fierro, and it will appear in the parking lot of the driving school in Doherty, San Fierro if the players get all the silver medals.

The Savannah can be found very early in the game and is a very decent vehicle. This car has excellent top speed and acceleration; however, it lacks a bit of handling as its responsive brakes can easily tip the vehicle. The Savanna is classified lowrider and can be modified in the Loco Low Co. garage and participate in the Lowrider Challenges. Players can find them almost anywhere near Grove Street at the start of GTA San Andreas.

Many San Andreas fans consider the Elegy to be the best car for drifting in the game. While it can still meet the needs of most players, it is not the fastest but has good acceleration and handling. This vehicle is also highly modifiable in the Wheel Arch Angels garage. Elegy is mostly found in Chinatown in San Fierro, The Strip in Las Venturas and inside Wang Cars after completing the “Road test“mission.

The Sandking is a racing truck and one of the rarest vehicles in the game, as it can only be found in one location in San Andreas. It is quite fast for a truck, is very manoeuvrable and handles very well on the roads. The Sandking Truck can only be found in the Bone County wilderness in the Big Ear region under a big radar. It cannot be changed but will sometimes appear with hydraulics.

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Switch.

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