Holley hosts a “High Voltage Experience” to showcase electric vehicles


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All electric vehicles, that those from an OEM assembly plant or those converted to motor and battery, are eligible to participate in the first “High Voltage Experience” held November 13-14 at Sonoma Raceway in Northern California by Holley.

In its announcement, the company said the event “will be a playground for electric vehicle owners, drivers and enthusiasts, providing multiple high-performance driving events and an opportunity for the emerging electric vehicle culture to grow. meet”.

Holley’s Marketing Director Sean Crawford added, “Community, performance and fun are important to automotive enthusiasts. With a growing population of electric vehicle owners, we want to provide a place for them to go out and have fun with their vehicles and their community.

In addition to a variety of motorsport events – autocross, road circuit, drag racing and more – the event will include a wine country cruise, a motor show and “an unprecedented glimpse of a wide variety of custom vehicles and impressive conversions from electric vehicles ”.

Vehicles already registered include the electric-powered 1986 Toyota 4Runner off-road truck from champion King of the Hammers Kyle Seggelin, and a Porsche 935 converted by Bismoto Engineering, and the 1985 Chevrolet C10 pickup from Salvage to Savage.

Randy Pobst and other professional drivers will provide on-road driving lessons.

Holley is a more than a century old company now based in Bowling Green, Ky., And known for producing and distributing high performance parts including carburetors, ignition systems, and more. It all started with a single cylinder 3- wheeled vehicle built in 1896 by brothers George and Earl Holley. They also produced 4-wheeled cars, over 600 of their Holley Motorette model, but in 1903 they began producing carburetors for Henry Ford and in 1905 re-established the business in Detroit.

Holley hosts a series of automotive events each year, including the Hemi-focused Moparty, the LS Fest for high-performance GM vehicles, the Ford Festival and now the High Voltage Experience.

“Since the Tesla Roadster 2008 Proven that an electric vehicle can be both efficient, usable for more than city driving and incredibly fast, there has been a segment of the automotive world that has become interested in an electric vehicle can do ”, the company remarks on his website.

“The Holley High Voltage Experience is a two-day celebration of all-electric power and what it is capable of. “

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