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BRISTOL, Tennessee (WJHL) – Car enthusiasts, vendors and food trucks from across the region showed up at the former Friendship Ford dealership in Bristol, Tennessee on Saturday to put on a show in support of a local teenager in the need. kidney transplant.

The goal of the auto show dubbed “Jacob’s Cars for the Kidneys” was to raise as much money as possible through donations to help offset some of the bills associated with getting a kidney transplant. .

Jacob Hill, 19, was diagnosed with granulomatosis with polyangiitis when he was just 13 years old. It attacks and damages the body’s blood vessels, and in Jacob, it affects his kidneys. Since then, he has had to undergo dialysis treatments nine hours a day. A kidney transplant would mean Hill would no longer have to receive dialysis treatments.

“It happened quickly. Within a few months, I was on peritoneal dialysis every night. It started at eight hours and then where it didn’t work as well we had to go down to 9 hours a day, ”Hill said. “You can’t really stay just anywhere. You’re always confined to something… having to be home or having a machine… carrying a lot of weight if you travel.

Hill is currently on the transplant list at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, but still needs an O + kidney.

Once a suitable kidney is available, Hill can undergo the procedure. The cost associated with the procedure will include the cost of the procedure itself, a one-month stay near the hospital, recovery, medication, etc.

The idea for the event was inspired by Jacob’s passion for cars.

Event organizer and Jacob’s stepfather Nathanael Cumbow told us, “You go on a trip with him and he sees a car go by and he tells you exactly all about it, so we knew that would be special for him… to motivate him and something. that he would remember.

“It’s a really humbling experience and it makes you think of all the people who come in to help,” Cumbow added.

Locals were happy to come not only to see unique cars and chat with like-minded people, but also to support a great cause.

David Gibbs, car enthusiast from Greeneville, said: “We heard that Jacob needed a kidney, so I reached out to everyone I could… as well as us.

Vagrant brand seller Jordan Tallent said, “I hope he keeps his spirits up and sees that there is a community here that supports him and wants the best for him. There is finally the word hope… and it continues and we can all, with our combined energy, bring it to life.

In addition to donations, money was also raised through a silent auction and raffle. Food trucks and merchandise vendors also donated for the opportunity to participate in the show. In addition to allowing them to use the empty Friendship Ford lot, Friendship Automotive sponsored the event and donated to Jacob’s transplant fund.

Those who were unable to participate but still wish to contribute to Hill’s cause can donate online at Jacob’s GoFundMe.

If you would like to determine if you could be a partner with Jacob, you can call the Living Donation Office at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital at 513-636-6794.

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