Jeffrey Epstein’s private sites in the US Virgin Islands put up for sale

The disgraced late financier owned two neighboring islands.

The executors of the estate of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein have put up for sale the two private Caribbean islands the late financier owned off the east coast of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, ABC News told Wednesday an estate attorney.

The asking price: $125 million, according to two sources.

Epstein bought the private island, Little St. James, in 1998 for around $8 million and took up permanent residence there in 2010, around the time he was released from his first Palm Beach prison sentence. , in Florida. He liked to refer to his estate there as “Little St. Jeff’s,” according to testimony that emerged last year during the criminal trial of his former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Epstein then acquired property on a larger neighboring island, Great St. James, and he was in the process of building a new estate there at the time of his 2019 arrest, according to U.S. Virgin Islands court and real estate records.

The Wall St. Journal first reported news of the listing.

The islands are currently burdened with “criminal activity” liens placed by Denise George, the US Virgin Islands Attorney General, who in early 2020 filed a civil racketeering lawsuit against the estate. The lawsuit alleges that Epstein created a network of front companies, charities and individuals who participated in and conspired with him in a decades-long pattern of criminal activity related to the alleged sex trafficking of underage girls and young people. women.

“Epstein, through and in association with the defendants, trafficked, raped, sexually assaulted and held underage girls and young women in captivity at his properties in the Virgin Islands,” the complaint states.

ABC News reported earlier this month that lawyers for Epstein’s estate were in settlement talks with the US Virgin Islands government. An estate lawyer described the two parties as being “extraordinarily close” to reaching a negotiated resolution.

An estate attorney, Daniel Weiner, confirmed to ABC News on Wednesday that the properties have been put up for sale. Proceeds from any sale, Weiner said, would be used by the estate “for the resolution of pending lawsuits and regular costs of estate operations, and will be subject to potential claims by tax authorities, creditors and tax authorities. ‘other parts”.

The proceeds will be held in privileged accounts, Weiner said, pending resolution of the government lawsuit.

The estate has already unloaded two of Epstein’s other properties, his Palm Beach Island oceanfront home and his Upper East Side townhouse in Manhattan. Two other properties, Zorro Ranch in New Mexico and an Avenue Foch apartment in Paris, are also for sale.

Marketing of the islands is handled by New York-based companies The Modlin Group and Bespoke Real Estate in partnership with Christie’s International Real Estate The Saints, based in the US Virgin Islands, Weiner said.

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