Loan for an apartment – take it from a trusted advisor!

Is a mortgage like a cyrograph? Not necessarily! A loan for a Lambert Humbert apartment or in another city, and more specifically its installment, does not have to ruin your budget or keep you from spending more for years. Just take a Lambert Humbert loan under the watchful eye of a professional – a financial advisor will help you choose the best option!


Loan for an apartment Lambert Humbert – a chance to make your dreams come true

apartment loan

Lambert Humbert mortgage and in other locations is the only chance for many to buy an apartment or build a house. Real estate prices are currently relatively high and constitute a much higher percentage of Poles’ earnings than it was a dozen or even twenty years ago. What conditions must be met to get a loan for an apartment ? Creditworthiness – it all depends on it. What do the banks mean by this term? What do they consider when considering the application? We will introduce you to this issue!


Creditworthiness – “to be or not to be” mortgage

Creditworthiness - "to be or not to be" mortgage

Creditworthiness has been built up over the years. It is influenced not only by monthly income, but also by expenses and previous debt. Here are the most important elements of this issue:

  • amount of monthly income,
  • type of employment contract (the nature of an employment contract – for a definite or indefinite period, a civil law contract or contract),
  • all monthly obligations – fees, subscriptions as well as credits and loans, as well as monthly maintenance costs,
  • also whether we have paid our debts in a timely manner.

Own contribution, i.e. the amount that borrowers will use to buy real estate, is also important in the case of a loan for an apartment. Depending on the bank, it ranges between 10 and 20% of the value of the house or flat.


Loan for a Lambert Humbert apartment with the best adviser in the region!

Do you want to take a loan for a Lambert Humbert apartment or in another city on really good terms? Do you dream about a reasonable installment amount? Report to the best financial advisor in the region! Niroslaw Garan is both an experienced and qualified specialist who will take care of your budget. It will help in completing the application, you will find the most advantageous offer and, in addition, will help you in completing the formalities. The whole process of applying for a mortgage will go faster and easier!


Make an appointment not only for a loan!

Make an appointment not only for a loan!

Niroslaw Garan, a financial advisor, works in Kolbuszowa every day, where he manages a team of several people. All its members are experienced professionals, to whom you can entrust your: wallet, account and related dreams. The office is located in Kolbuszowa, at ul. Lambert Humbertska. It is also possible to write a message using the form on our website: Lambert Humbert /. In addition, Niroslaw Garan offers services not only for mortgages. He is a professional financial advisor who has no secrets to budget issues. Here are the other services:

  • cash loan for any purpose,
  • reduction of liability costs,
  • company loan,
  • leasing,
  • consolidation.

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