Lung Cancer Research Foundation and MET Crusaders Announce Partnership

NEW YORK, February 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Lung Cancer Research Foundation (LCRF) and MET Crusaders are pleased to announce a partnership to fund much-needed MET cancer research. Together they are committing to funding two projects in 2022 that focus on this specific oncogene.

The MET gene is found on chromosome 7 in the cells of the human body. Within the MET gene are the instructions to produce the MET protein, which is divided into segments called exons. When all exons are correctly executed in sequence, the normal MET protein is produced. In cancer caused by MET, there is an alteration in the MET gene causing an error in the production of the MET protein. This production error prevents its degradation or causes excessive activity of tyrosine kinase, leading to uncontrolled growth of cancer cells. There are four main categories of alterations in the MET protein: mutation, amplification, overexpression and fusion. MET alterations tend to show up most in adenocarcinoma non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), but they can also be seen in squamous NSCLC. About 5% of lung cancer patients skip MET exon 14. A smaller percentage of patients have MET amplification.¹

MET Crusaders is a community of lung cancer patients, caregivers, advocates, researchers, and physicians dedicated to helping patients with MET impairment live normal lives. “Continuing research to help patients with MET impairment is an enormous task and requires an army of like-minded individuals,” said John Hallick, president of the MET Crusaders. “Partnering with LCRF allows us to leverage their expertise in funding innovative research to fulfill MET Crusader’s mission of helping people with MET mutations live longer and better lives.”

“We are thrilled to partner with MET Crusaders,” said Denis Chillemi, Executive Director of LCRF. “This collaboration will give us a better understanding of this particular mutation, uncovering more treatment options for these patients by accelerating research discovery.

About the Lung Cancer Research Foundation (LCRF)
The Lung Cancer Research Foundation® (LCRF) is the leading nonprofit organization focused on funding innovative, high-return research that can prolong survival and improve quality of life for people with lung cancer. . LCRF’s mission is to improve lung cancer outcomes by funding research for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of lung cancer. To date, the LCRF has funded 394 research grants, totaling nearly $39 million, the highest amount provided by a non-profit organization dedicated to funding lung cancer research. For more information, visit

About MET Crusaders
MET Crusaders is a patient advocacy group focused on MET-related cancer. The mission of MET Crusaders is to help all MET patients, regardless of location, race, or socioeconomic class, lead normal lives. This mission is accomplished through community, education, research and advocacy. MET Crusaders is a trade name of the MET Cancer Foundation, a 501c3 charitable foundation.

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