Macclesfield Nostalgia: Cyclists and motorists pass on Ivy Lane Corner

Photo: Credit: Cheshire Image Bank

We take a look at fascinating photos taken over the years around Macclesfield and the surrounding area, dating from 1910 through to the 1950s.

Our cover photo this week features several cyclists and two motor cars driving along the road at Ivy Lane Corner, Macclesfield, while buildings are visible in the background.

Credit: Cheshire Image Bank

A photograph taken between 1910 and 1919 shows houses on Chester Road, Macclesfield, with an old-fashioned lantern on the pavement outside.

Artist‌‌Photographer: Clifford Rathbone. Credit: Cheshire Image Bank

Above is a view of the center of the village of Henbury, with a man standing with horses outside The Cock Inn public house in a photograph taken in the 1950s.

Credit: Cheshire Image Bank

Staff seated in front of sewing machines on a production line at Clapham’s Shirt Factory, on Henderson Street, Macclesfield, circa 1910.

Credit: Cheshire Image Bank

Three women and two men working in an industrial laundry, Hollins Steam Laundry Co. in Langley, in an undated photograph.

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Material taken from Wednesday’s edition of the Macclesfield Express. You can explore old books, maps and journals by visiting the Cheshire Image Bank.

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