Make the holidays brighter with a donation to those in need

For the fifth consecutive year, L’Heure has partnered with the Family & Children’s Agency for the Giving Fund. Each week on Thursdays and Sundays, The Hour will post 10 stories from FCA clients who need help. Needs vary from school supplies and childcare to home furnishings and groceries. Each story has a file number, and donations can be made to Family & Children’s Agency, Inc. – Acceptiva.

Donations can be allocated to a specific case or to FCA’s General Client Support Fund.

Families and individuals mentioned in the stories often don’t know they’ve been submitted, and names have been changed to protect their privacy. Donations made beyond a client’s needs will go to the Client Support Fund to help others in need.

Each case in the donation fund includes an estimated amount that would help a local person or family with day-to-day challenges such as paying rent, childcare costs, and transportation. Every dollar donated to the Donation Fund goes directly to the people in Stories, which will be posted twice a week throughout the holiday season.

Here are other stories:

235: Alex is a high school student who takes care of his two younger siblings while his single mom is at work. Despite the difficulties, he works hard at school and participates in the FCA’s after-school program to help him maintain his grades. The children are all growing rapidly and it was difficult to keep up with their changing heights. A gift of $ 250 would help them get all the new coats and clothes for the winter.

236: Elka is a mother of two and her youngest has been diagnosed with autism. She recently divorced her emotionally abusive husband. She needs to move into a new apartment that will be safe for her children, but needs help with the security deposit. A gift of $ 500 would help them invest in a new place so they can start the next chapter in their life.

237: Adriana is a single mother of a pre-teen and also cares for her toddler niece due to the baby’s mother’s significant struggle with drug addiction. The baby needs specific formula because of allergies, but it is not covered by food assistance. A gift of $ 200 would help Adriana buy the nutritional formula her niece needs and some baby essentials like diapers and wipes.

238: Greta works hard to take care of her children, one of whom has microcephaly. The drugs he needs to control his seizures cost hundreds of dollars each month, and Greta struggles to afford them on top of her family’s other needs. A $ 500 donation would pay for nearly two months of medication to relieve some of the tension.

239: Antonia and her husband have three daughters and recently moved into an apartment after living in a homeless shelter. Although they are working, they have not been able to fully furnish their new home. They have a dining table, but no chairs to sit on and enjoy a meal together. A gift of $ 400 would help them get five chairs so they can sit together as a family.

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