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Porsche will unveil more information about its Vision Gran Turismo car, an exclusive and unique design for the Gran Turismo series, at the FIA ​​Certified Online World Championship Final in December.

Since announcing a collaboration in 2019, the number of Porsche models available in current and future Gran Turismo games has slowly increased. However, we missed that last piece of the puzzle from that original announcement all these months ago: the Vision GT car.

If you’re not familiar with Vision Gran Turismo, it’s a project between Polyphony Digital and a variety of car manufacturers. The aim is to create unique concept cars – some of which are based on reality and others not – that derive or foreshadow the design and technologies of a brand.

In the eight years of this project so far we have seen cars like the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, which predicted the Chiron for about seven months and resulted in a real fully functional car that has since changed hands two times for sums reported in seven digits. . Even Batman participated in the VGT act, using his wealth superpower to purchase the original Mercedes Vision GT car.

Since Mercedes launched with Gran Turismo 6, we’ve seen 33 Vision GTs, along with ten other race cars based on these models, from 26 manufacturers. Three more have been announced but have yet to arrive in a game: the Lamborghini Lambo V12, the Jaguar SV and the Porsche.

As it stands, we don’t even know what the car will look like for sure. The most common hypothesis is that the blue car on the putative Gran Turismo 7 the cover is the Porsche in question, and that certainly has merit.

This mysterious blue machine is definitely a Porsche and looks like some examples from the “Porsche Unseen” range of concept cars revealed last year. Since VGT designs usually come from the same designers as other concepts and derive from the design language or preview, it’s likely that the Porsche will have similar looks to these earlier cars.

A second glimpse of the possible Porsche Vision GT has appeared in a special “Gran Turismo 7 x Porsche»Video released in September. It showed an unidentified vehicle with the signature quad-LED Porsche headlights for a few executives, sparking further speculation about the Porsche VGT.

However, it looks like the veil of mystery will soon be lifted. According to the official Gran Turismo website, there will be “an exciting announcement from Porsche regarding the Vision Gran Turismo project” during the Nations Cup stream of the world final on December 5th.

We’ll continue to follow all of the World Finals activity next weekend, so stay tuned for more!

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