North Carolina military family seeks donations after losing home to fire as husband deployed


JACKSONVILLE, NC (WNCT) – The wife and children of a local active-duty sailor are homeless after a fire at their Midway Park home earlier this week.

Owner and mother Jessica Garry was able to get herself and her three children out safely, but suffered injuries when she returned to save her dogs.

“The fact that my kids acted so quickly, like my daughter was legally blind, and when I said ‘Fire, through the door’, she was able to grab her little sister and walk out that door as fast as she did. could, ”Garry said.

Garry said she has always been very careful about fire safety in her home, and she believes that is why her family is alive today.

“You have to have access to the windows, no clutter… tell your children, when I tell you it’s serious, you have to move, you don’t question the situation…. and my kids were just as brave as I was, ”she said.

The Piney Green Volunteer Fire Department responded to the blaze at approximately 11 p.m. Fire chief Tim Bruns said the blaze was caused by an electrical malfunction.

“As for the fire that was averted, it was an equipment failure so I’m not sure how much that could have been avoided or not, there are still unknowns out there.” , Bruns said.

Garry said her husband, who trains in California, was devastated to hear the news. He will be allowed to return home after the fire.

“Just because he wasn’t there to save us, he gives me all the motivation to do it, I’m even stronger when he’s not there because I know I have to be”, said Garry said.

When asked what types of things the family needs right now, Garry said everything you use on a daily basis. She says simple household items would be a big help.

If you would like to help her and her family, you can find a link to her Go Fund Me page here.

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