Phantom tempus lights up the city of Dubai


A rare Rolls-Royce, one of 20 in the recently unveiled Phantom Tempus collection, arrived in Dubai today from Rolls-Royce’s global luxury manufacturing center of excellence in West Sussex, England . Inspired by time, astronomical phenomena and the most accurate clock in the universe, the pulsar star, the Colleciton car radiates irresistible charm and becomes a timeless masterpiece in the cityscape of Dubai.

Finished in Kairos Blue, the exterior of Phantom Tempus evokes the depths of the cosmos. Indeed, inside, the customer will experience a great cosmic spectacle of stars as the iconic Starlight Headliner is rendered as the centerpiece creating the unique and magnificent Pulsar Headliner, consisting of lighting at fiber optic and intricate custom embroidery. The pattern continues on the doors with a swirling and twisted star pattern created by hundreds of bright perforations with additional contrasting leather perforations, adding greater depth and detail to the effect.

“Time really has no power over the Phantom Tempus collection. This is a car for those who shape the world as they seek their own place in the universe. The Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai team is delighted with the delivery of this masterpiece, here in charming Dubai, for our client. ” mentionned Mamdouh Khairallah, Managing Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai, AGMC.

The illusion of still time is captured by the masterful “Frozen Flow of Time” gallery, housed in the fascia from which the clock is deliberately omitted to signify the owner’s freedom from time and its limits. A single billet of aluminum is crushed to form 100 individually contoured columns, representing the 100 million year period of a pulsar star’s rotation. Each column is black anodized and hand polished to reflect light. As the eye travels through it, the whole structure, although completely solid, appears to ripple and flex.

A description of the Gallery can be found on a plaque engraved in the glove compartment, along with a quote from Albert Einstein, The Distinction Between Past, Present, and Future Is Only A Stubbornly Enduring Illusion.

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