Pittsfield Police are still looking for a missing teenager … Another teenager is also missing …


Pittsfield Police continue to seek the public’s assistance in locating a teenager who has been missing since July 6 and have now added another missing teenager to their search yesterday. 13-year-old Jordan Wright has been missing for a week. PPD posted Jordan’s photo and description on the department’s Facebook page last week.

Yesterday, PPD posted on Facebook that Gabriel Ramos, 17, was also missing. PPD has asked anyone with information about the fate of either teen to contact the Pittsfield Police Department. PPD says the two cases are unrelated, but the two minors are said to have voluntarily left their guardianship.

Ramos is described as a white male, blue eyes, with light colored hair (pictured below). Wright is 13 and is described as a black female with brown eyes and brown / black hair (pictured below). If you have any information about Ramos or Wright, please contact the PPD at 413-448-9700.

Photos provided via the Pittsfield Police Department Facebook pages.

There are a staggering number of missing children in this country. A list of missing children is available on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children website. Click on their About link for more information. Currently, Gabriel Ramos and Jordan Wright are not listed on the site.

The Pittsfield Police Department continues to seek the public’s assistance in locating two missing minors: Jordan Wright, 13 (black female, brown eyes, brown / black hair) and Gabriel Ramos, 17 (white male, blue eyes, Hair). The cases are separate and there is no indication that the young people are together. Each minor would have voluntarily left his guardianship. If you have any information on Jordan’s or Gabriel’s whereabouts, please contact the PPD at 413-448-9700.

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