Planned NRA fundraiser in Hondo postponed

It is expected to happen in two weeks from Saturday in North Hondo, a 40-minute drive from where 21 people were killed in a shooting at Robb Elementary.

SAN ANTONIO — Emotions are running high in and around Uvalde following news of an NRA fundraiser set to take place in August just a 40-minute drive away in Hondo.

“It’s intentional. It’s intentional, to push the bear,” said Angela Villescaz, executive director and founder of Fierce Madres.

A flyer circulating on Facebook advertises the upcoming fundraiser in Hondo, which is being organized by the Friends of the NRA from the Madinah region.

“I think this is their first attempt, in Hondo, to try to put us in front and show that we’re going to have a fundraiser right down the street,” Villescaz said.

Fierce Madres is an organization founded shortly after the shooting at Robb Elementary School. The group works to end gun violence while pushing for gun reform.

“A few of us consider ourselves the Latina version of Moms Demand Action,” Villescaz said. “If you take that NRA dollar, you’ll probably get a visit from Fierce Madres.”

Villescaz says a mentor in the organization was a substitute teacher during the shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, who knows firsthand what a school mass shooting looks like.

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Fierce Madres shares the same goal as Uvalde Strong for Gun Safety, a group founded by pediatrician Dr. Roy A. Guerrero.

“I think the general feeling in our community is that if this had happened in Hondo, you wouldn’t have this meeting at this point,” Guerrero explained. “Just because it wasn’t in your community doesn’t mean you’re safe from disrespect.”

What is also striking is the event promoting the AR-15, the same type of weapon used in the Uvalde massacre.

“I believe in the fundamental right of everyone to bear arms, but assault weapons have no place in society,” Guerrero said.

Guerrero says the group plans to write letters to gun dealers in Uvalde County, asking them to remove the assault weapons from their shelves.

“It’s one thing to say something. It’s another to do something.”

The Uvalde Strong for Gun Safety Facebook group has over 2,000 members and meets on the third Wednesday of each month at Southwest Texas Junior College. Guerrero’s duty to the band is to put the words into action.

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“Being a pediatrician and maybe caring for children every day is more close to my heart than everyone else, but it’s infuriating that we haven’t seen a lot of people locally who we should see stepping up and joining. , if not our cause , making their own cause and fighting for the same thing,” he explained. “We need gun reform. We have to keep our children safe.”

Guerrero said the group’s plan has support from neighboring counties like Maverick and Val Verde. Other new band members come from all over the United States.

The Madinah Region Friends of the NRA Facebook page states that “all net proceeds from Friends of the NRA events are allocated to the NRA Foundation, the leading shooting sports support charity”.

The event in Hondo is scheduled for August 6.

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KENS 5 contacted the Madinah area friends of the NRA on Facebook and by phone, as well as the NRA, for a response. We are waiting for an answer.

To learn more about Uvalde Strong for Gun Safety and how their victim advocates can help families at Robb Elementary, visit their Facebook page.

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