Rain in the bay area causes landslides, drownings and cars stuck in flooded water

The well-deserved rain that hit the Bay Area on Thursday brought joy to anyone wishing to emerge from the drought, but wreaked havoc for anyone who drove in the rain.

The rains even became fatal for two people who died when their car was submerged in deep water in Millbrae.

Uber passenger Rachid Dahnoun also got stuck in flooding on the road, but his situation was not so bad.

The Bodega Bay resident was on his way to San Francisco International Airport to visit his in-laws in New Jersey when his driver ran into rapid flood water on Highway 1 near Valley Ford in the West Sonoma County.

The driver’s BMW stalled and they got stuck in the water until the coast guard and fire department came to their aid.

Although Dahnoun came out unharmed, he didn’t think he would make his flight.

Also in North Bay, the National Park Service tweeted that a landslide on Muir Woods Road was blocking access to Muir Woods from the north.

In the south of the peninsula there was also a lot of flooding.

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Cal Fire tweeted a video showing a swampy area along Highway 1 near the Half Moon Bay airport.

And in Millbrae, East Hillcrest has been closed between Hemlock and Aviador Avenues, due to flooding, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

In the East Bay, Route 13 northbound just past Redwood Road in Oakland was completely blocked by a large tree on the other side of the road.

And in nearby Lafayette, a large rig was hit by an Audi driver and plunged from the overpass onto the road, although the California Highway Patrol did not say whether the crash was related to the rain.

The wet weather isn’t over anytime soon.

Thursday’s forecast for the Bay Area indicates rain and wind with a break on Friday.

And then the rain will come back on Saturday and again on Monday with very cold temperatures.

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