Robert “Bob” Becker, 89, Cold Springs

December 28, 1932 – August 10, 2022

Robert “Bob” Becker passed away peacefully at his home on August 10, 2022.

Bob was born on December 28, 1932 to John and Carrie (Pflueger) Becker in Chicago, Illinois. In 1941, he moved to Minnesota with his family, and the city boy quickly fell in love with country life, farming, and the outdoors.

He married Caroline Eich on May 30, 1961. He always made a point of explaining that he could never forget the year, “because if you reverse 1961, it gives the same thing”. It was Bob.

Both spent their years in the rural township of Collegeville. They had four children. Robin, Mike, Tom and John. He was very fond of his grandchildren (Evalin, Lily, Grant, Will, Beau, Ava) and enjoyed playing cards with them (and beating them) regularly. He and his “sweet Caroline” were playing cribbage after supper and the cards always seemed to be in his favor.

He was a patient teacher with his grandchildren. He shared his explanations of how things worked, and it made him happy to see others smile when they were finally able to do what he taught them. He had his favorite stories and jokes to make them laugh.

In 1979, Bob had the “courage to change”, becoming sober for the rest of his life. He found his serenity in the great outdoors. He enjoyed tending to his antlers and spent much of his time creating trails and making firewood. He was very proud to make it look like a park. He earned the nickname “One Chop Bob” for his skill at hand-splitting wood in a single stroke.

He was practical and he loved helping people fix things and always said “don’t throw it away, I can fix it”. He was drawn to anything with a motor – cars, tractors, snowmobiles, motorcycles, lawn mowers and his trusty Ranger. He would often start and end his day with a “honk ride” to check on his property.

Bob kept it simple. He enjoyed a good meal and a nice drive. He enjoyed watching birds from the porch and wrestling on television. He never criticized or complained, even when his health was declining.

He was pursued in death by his parents and his son Mike (1992). He is survived by his wife, Caroline, his daughter Robin (Brian) Griffin, and his sons Tom (Christi) and John (Sara) and his sister, Betty Klein.

We will remember Bob for his quick wit and simple jokes, his love of the woods, and his kind, gentle spirit.

Briefs can be sent to CentraCare Hospice.

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