Rotary clubs unite to donate $ 4,000 to LAPS


Laredo Rotary & Satellite Rotary on Saturday presented various supplies and a check for $ 4,000 to Laredo Animal Welfare Services (LAPS).

The donation will help LAPS focus its efforts on maintaining its pet population.

“Several Rotary clubs have come together to donate funds as well as supplies to help our pets,” said Cinthya Guterrez, deputy director of LAPS. “We were also able to reduce some of the adoption costs as they sponsored some of the adoption fees to help the pets in the shelters we have available, which also helped raise awareness in the community about what we do. “

The donated check will be split into multiple projects, with the main one focusing on repairing the kennel doors for the shelter’s pets as their misting schedule and hot temperatures have caused the doors to rust over time.

“The monetary donation that we have received will be used to go ahead and repair some of the old kennel doors that we have, as our shelter is over 60 years old and with all the cleaning and misting system that we have in it. during the summer heat, they rust and are quite damaged with significant wear, ”said Gutierrez. “The monetary donation will also be used, so they are in better condition and even, so that the pets also have more room.”

One of the largest donations the shelter received was large amounts of dog food.

“Most of the supplies we got were 57 pound bags of dog food and lots of cleaning supplies like paper towels and things like that because we have to clean up daily,” Gutierrez said.

Donations received on Saturday were seen as a blessing for the shelter which has suffered tremendously due to the pandemic.

While adoptions did not decline during the pandemic, donations have been so large that many people have struggled and businesses have focused more on helping those struggling economically than on helping people. animal shelters like LAPS.

“With the pandemic, we haven’t seen a drop in adoptions because we were pretty stable with adoptions, but one important thing that we did notice was that we were receiving less monetary donations,” Gutierrez said. “It’s always something we’ve struggled with, but since the start of the pandemic we’ve started to see less cash donations and it’s bad because it helps pay for medical bills and everything we do for it. the animals in the center for which we are responsible. “

Different from the pandemic, Gutierrez says the summer heat has drastically affected donations to the point where they are rarer.

“The summer heat is actually something that has affected our adoptions,” Gutierrez said. “We have had fewer adoptions over the past month due to the weather as people are barely acclimating to the temperature and not everyone wants to leave their conditioned home so we have seen fewer adoptions . “

For people who already have pets in the house and face the same issues with high temperatures, Gutierrez says the best thing to do is to just bring their pets indoors to the fresh air. For other homes that can’t, Gutierrez says people should make sure their pets have enough water outside, a small pool if possible, and that if they have land or a green space where they can lie down and relax during hot temperatures.

“We also recommend that pets be preventive against fleas and ticks and against heartworm,” said Gutierrez. “Mosquitoes transmit heartworm disease and if pets stay outside or you walk them around as the weather warms, it is recommended that animals receive these preventative products as the hot weather results in the release of more of these animals. “

Despite the lack of adoptions and declining monetary donations, Gutierrez says the shelter is currently looking to hire several animal specialists, which she noticed the summer heat also affected as few people applied for the job during summer.

LAPS is open Wednesday through Saturday each week for visiting hours and questions about them can be emailed to them at

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