‘SNL’ parodies ‘The View’ COVID results, Jeff Bezos in space, ‘cars’


In its first episode after the summer break, “Saturday Night Live” returned to pop culture headlines by producing skits that parodied the experiences of “The View” co-hosts being told they had been tested. positive for COVID-19 live on air and crashed Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ recent space flight with “Star Trek.” But it also set things back a bit by allowing guest host Owen Wilson to reprise his role as “Cars”.

The old skit featured Wilson as a doctor who interrupted a talk show called “The Talking” while it was live to first tell Heidi Gardner’s character that she had tested positive. There were questions as to whether it should be done correctly at that point, of course, to which he replied that under HIPAA compliance you have to tell anyone or everyone. He briefly left the stage before returning to trace the contract with the character of Aidy Bryant. When she noted that yes, she had been in contact with someone who tested positive because he had just removed the woman she was sitting next to, he gave her positive results. He ended up shifting the character of Cecily Strong as well, but for an HPV diagnosis. Seconds later, left alone at the table, Ego Nwodim indicated an earwig and said there had been false positives – but not HPV.

It was similar to the “The View” saga, which removed hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro from the September 24 show, only for reports to surface later that they had received false positive tests.

“Star Trek: Ego Quest” featured Wilson as Bezos (donning a spacesuit and cowboy hat), with a cameo appearance by his real-life brother Luke Wilson as Bezos’ actual brother, who made up the team of “bizarre”. Alex Moffat played Richard Branson, who piloted his own purple-lit Virgin-branded space shuttle alongside Bezos; the two have embarked on a race. Mikey Day played Elon Musk, who noted that the space was only big enough for “a weird white billionaire” and also seemed to challenge him to

“Fly in on a midlife crisis of cosmic proportions,” the voiceover said.

When it came to getting back into the “Cars” universe, Wilson played out walking into a recording booth to work on a new movie that was so implied they had nothing to do with it. little pieces of dialogue. That didn’t stop Wilson from delivering the slogan “Ka-chow! »To the delight of the audience in the studio.

Once he got into the booth, things got a bit trickier, as he was asked to deliver more adult dialogue than what Pixar is traditionally known for. This includes “Back off, asshole, I wasn’t looking at your wife”; “Grow up, man, your sister did it right” and “What college do the girls go to?” Ah, are you in high school? Could have cheated on me. As he moved forward, it became more and more clear that the new “Cars” would reveal that his former beloved Lightning McQueen would be the franchise’s new villain, also using the r word to refer to Mater.

“Saturday Night Live” airs live from coast to coast on Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET / 8:30 p.m. PT on NBC. The first four episodes of Season 47 also air live on Peacock.

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