St. Louis animal shelters seek donations and foster families after floods

ST. LOUIS – Flooding from Monday evening to Tuesday morning has affected animal shelters in the St. Louis area which have suffered property damage and are in need of donations and foster families to help.

After 10 puppies drowned, the 15 surviving dogs were taken to an animal hospital in Wentzville.

“Fortunately, it appears all of the adults did well and had relatively minor injuries,” said Animal Talk Medical Center veterinarian Jacob Lucas.

Other shelters like St. Clair Animal Control had several local animal rescues to help move their dogs from standing water.

Gateway Pet Guardians has taken in 21 foster dogs who have been given temporarily or permanently with the goal of adoption in the coming days. They said only a few dogs weren’t adopted.

“Today we received over 1,000 foster requests, which is the most we have ever received at one time,” said Alisha Vianello, executive director of Gateway Pet Guardians. “People want to help animals and that’s the most inspiring thing.”

In Maryland Heights at the Humane Society of Missouri, five kennels were filled with adult dogs up to their elbows in water, the dogs were unharmed, but the building sustained extensive damage.

“It was very difficult, no elevators, it’s just going up and down stairs and carrying all the gear,” said Dr. Julie Brinker, veterinarian for the Humane Society of Missouri. “Because anything in that water was potentially contaminated with sewage.”

With flooding from the nearby creek, the entire basement was inundated with about nine inches of water. The Humane Society said it lost five rooms to water damage and nearly a ton of food.

The Humane Society of Missouri said it will have to have the rest of the floor inspected before repairing holey walls and mud-covered floors.

If you would like to donate, register to become an adoptive parent, or need emergency shelter if you have been affected by flooding, visit the Gateway Pet Guardians website at https://

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