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Last weekend marked the official start of summer in many jurisdictions. Here in Jamaica, our unofficial summer season is believed to begin at the beginning of June, also known as the start of hurricane season. If you’re not planning to go on holiday abroad, don’t worry; a vacation can be just as fun. Especially when staying put offers opportunities to earn extra money that can bring you even closer to your #moneygoals.

A side hustle is a legitimate job that pays extra income beyond the wages earned by your regular or full-time job. People, especially children, have been doing it for years without using the term “hustle”: babysitting, walking their dog, or doing chores for your parents.

With the central bank’s 2018 Financial Stability Report indicating that consumer loans have grown three times faster than incomes every year, it’s not hard to tell that Jamaicans are going deeper into debt. Today, more than ever, a parallel scam is one of the best ways to solve money problems, not only for children but also for adults. Maybe you’ve never had one before and can’t imagine what you’d do, here are three ideas you might not even have considered that will get you thinking creatively and exploring the wide range possibilities that exist.

Return cars

Pet hobbies and passions make the best side hustles. Let’s say your 9 to 5 is in the customer service business, but your passion is really automotive. You like car shows, you read car magazines. Heck, you dream of cars. Lewis Hamilton can’t be wrong. Consider using some of your savings to buy a used vehicle, for example, at auction or in the classifieds. And the same way people flip houses, you can flip that car and, after some minor work, resell it for a profit. With the funds you have earned, you can then purchase another one and return it as well, again for a profit. If you do this for a while, you might end up with a tidy little sum you didn’t start out with no loan interest rates to bog you down.

Social Media Management Services for SMBs

Statistics indicate that there are 4.2 billion active social media users worldwide, which is about half of the world’s population. And Jamaica is part of that figure with a Digital 2021: Jamaica report suggesting there were 1.5 million users in 2021 alone, ostensibly half the population. If you are endlessly fascinated by social media, which has grown steadily over the past 10 years, and you know everything there is to know about it, why not leverage your knowledge in the increasingly critical area of ​​marketing? As we have already discussed, more and more people want to start their own business as the effects of the great resignation begin to be felt here. Small and medium-sized businesses seem about to have their moment, and if owners aren’t social media savvy and don’t fully understand, for example, how social media ad spend is critical to marketing their business, this may present the perfect opportunity for you to offer your services.

Online tutoring

One of the negative side effects of the pandemic is the disruption it has caused in the education system, with many children – not just those without tablets – falling behind in their studies. Do you have at least a bachelor’s degree? This job will require you to have a specialized skill or talent if you plan to tutor in a subject like math or even English. Maybe you know a foreign language. You can teach a variety of subjects, and not just to children. Adults are also a captive market, and you can help people with topics that interest them, with a huge benefit being that you can set your own schedule. And who knows? Besides being a flexible way to earn extra money, there’s also the potential for it to grow into a full-time business.

The bottom line

The thing to remember about side hustles is that they usually start with a glitch. It’s up to you to guess what problem people might be facing that you can provide an after hours solution for and get paid for it. Someone has to move and you have a van. Offer your services. Someone needs to run errands but doesn’t have time. Recently, I met a gentleman who offered his services at the tax office to people who did not have time to wait in line.

Many of these side jobs require little or no specialist skills to perform. You can do them while paying off debt, building up emergency savings or a retirement fund, or even splurging on something fun you’ve always wanted but could never afford. .

Lamar Harris, Vice President, Wealth Management, NCB Capital Markets

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