The new Saudi supercar club “DRB 1921” offers tailor-made experiences


DJEDDAH: Continuing to grow its portfolio of unique experiences in Saudi Arabia, Extreme Events announced the opening of a supercar membership club, DRB 1921.

The club creates tailor-made events and tours to some of the world’s most iconic destinations, including internationally recognized racing circuits such as the Silverstone International Circuit in the UK.

To celebrate Saudi Arabia’s passion for high performance cars, the name of DRB 1921 is inspired by an Arabic meaning of road (DRB) and a date of celebration where historians have noted that the first vehicles motor vehicles arrived in the kingdom, spawning the nation’s love for cars.

Moreover, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the automobile in the Kingdom. With such richness and passion for the automobile, the DRB 1921 is poised to deliver exceptional experiences designed to accommodate those who appreciate cutting-edge technology and thrilling driving.

Each event is carefully designed to ensure that it meets each member’s expectations and creates the most memorable moments.

With each supercar having its own nuances and an average top speed of over 420 km / h, the DRB 1921 delivers remarkable experiences in a controlled environment with expert supervision, allowing everyone to test their driving limits and exploit truly the potential of each car.

Whether it’s a scenic drive through Saudi Arabia’s most beautiful and unexplored places or a thrilling speed challenge on an internationally recognized racing circuit, the DRB 1921 guarantees car owners the driving experience of a lifetime.

Each trip is complemented by the ultimate in luxury hospitality and exquisite fine dining, where a community of like-minded supercar owners come together.

DRB 1921 partners with a selection of the world’s best suppliers such as CARS Middle East (Classic Automotive Relocation Services) to provide the best assistance and concierge to deal with members’ luxury cars, as well as a personal brokerage service. ‘exceptional discretion, offering each client complete anonymity.

For those who are ready to master maximum top speed in these high speed road vehicles, DRB 1921 is hosting its inaugural “320 km Speed ​​Challenge” event on September 30th.

The event takes place exclusively on a private non-commercial runway owned by the Saudi Aviation Club, located in Al-Thumama, north of Riyadh.

Measuring 4.5 km long, this vast runway has already been identified by NASA as one of the few landing destinations around the world for aborted space shuttle missions.

On this day, supercar owners have the opportunity to join a passionate community for an exhilarating driving experience and an amazing day.

“Extreme Events is very proud to launch DRB 1921 in Saudi Arabia, as it offers supercar owners the opportunity to test their skills and unleash the real potential of their cars in a safe environment,” said James Cooke-Priest , Managing Director of Extreme Events.

He added, “The concept also encourages a niche community to come together and share different experiences of driving exceptionally advanced supercars. I see DRB 1921 beyond just a private club, I see it becoming a community center for like-minded car enthusiasts in the Kingdom. “

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