The Parks Foundation to manage ‘Trees for Kingwood’ at the community level

In November, the Kingwood Service Association (KSA) Parks Committee agreed to hire the KSA Parks Foundation to oversee and manage “Trees for Kingwood,” a new, long-term, multi-organizational community program.

Trees for Kingwood is organized to revitalize Kingwood’s forest trails, parks and open spaces. In October, Dee Price of Sand Creek informed the committee that the Kingwood Trails Associations were interested in establishing such a program to promote and coordinate tree planting projects throughout the community, including raising the funds necessary to conduct a such activity. Price informed the committee of its first organizational meeting on November 2 and noted that there are many organizations represented. They included people from Harris County Precinct 4, Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s office, Trees for Houston, the Humble Independent School District, the various Kingwood Trails associations and many community owner associations.

“It’s like a huge project and everyone has different ideas,” Price said.

“The group agreed to establish four sub-committees to work on different aspects of adding trees to Kingwood,” Price said. She briefly described them as the procurement, forest management, drainage and resource control subcommittees.

Chris Manthei, Chairman of the Parks Committee, said that as a stand-alone 501 (c) (3) charity, the Parks Foundation is the ideal vehicle to enable the collection of tax-deductible contributions to improve and replenish the wooded areas of Kingwood Parks and Trails which are a feature of the community.

The committee unanimously agreed.

Accordingly, the KSA Parks Foundation will serve as the overall point of contact and administrator of Trees for Kingwood. It will be the responsibility of the foundation, which is usually made up of volunteers from the Parks Committee, to administer contacts, correspondence, and work on various work projects as they arise. Manthei asked committee members to consider becoming more involved in the foundation as there are currently several vacancies as it has not been active recently. Price also explained that volunteering for positions within the foundation isn’t limited to the parks committee. The committee is open to other interested persons. She encouraged members to ask their community associations if there might be others interested in volunteering.

In other cases, Ethel McCormick of Kingwood Association Management, confirmed her concerns expressed in October about the increase in wild pig activity as winter approaches.

“We have activity again. We’ve had reports in the Kings Point area, Royal Shores has had one report and Sand Creek has had three reports, ”McCormick said. She noted that pig hunters recently captured seven of them. She also said her office was now starting to receive more reports, including damage to the yard. Several members added that they had personally seen other unreported activity in the KSA Hog Report.

Dee Price, as steward of River Grove Park, said the boat dock reconstruction project is well advanced. She provided photos of construction in progress which includes replacing the wharf pilings with new pilings sunk into the bottom of the river. Price said she expected it to be open to the public within the next two weeks. The new wharf is a major improvement for boat owners and other Kingwood residents who enjoy River Grove Park in general.

KSA Parks Committee meetings are open to the public and normally take place the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the South Woodland Hills Community Hall at 2030 Shadow Rock Drive in Kingwood. Contact KSA at 281-358-5192 the day before you plan to attend to confirm whether or not this is a Zoom meeting and to arrange to attend.

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