The Recorder – GCVS secures $3,000 grant for Cooler Communities

Posted: 02/07/2022 16:09:00

Modified: 07/02/2022 16:07:17

GREENFIELD – The Greater Commonwealth Virtual School (GCVS) is receiving a $3,000 Cooler Communities Grant that will help students make an impact in their community on energy efficiency and smarter climate solutions.

The Cooler Communities program provides schools with funding of up to $5,000 to research and create exhibits and materials on climate change, energy efficiency and related topics as part of their curriculum to display during of a district-wide energy fair, explains a press release from the GCVS. Those who attend community energy fairs are encouraged to pledge changes they can make to support more energy-efficient practices, and these pledges are tracked, calculated for their carbon-saving potential, and tracked.

Beginning next month, students will identify and plan various ways to approach solutions to climate change, the statement said. The school gives students the autonomy to work on the projects independently with the help of their instructors.

“We are thrilled to have received this award and look forward to seeing what our students are able to do through their endeavors,” said eighth-grade science teacher Jack Czajkowski, who applied for the Cooler Grant. Communities. “Although we are a virtual school, we place great importance on our students becoming active and involved members of their communities, and this grant will help us achieve that goal. We thank Cooler Communities for this very important funding, and the greater GCVS community for their continued support.

GCVS is one of 12 grant recipients. For more information about the program, which is sponsored by the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts and the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation, visit

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