The Time Has Come: Helping a Hit-and-Run Victim Get Back on Their Feet | Columnists

Recently, my life took a drastic turn. Three months ago I was involved in a hit-and-run accident that fractured my ankle and caused several other injuries. They never caught the hit-and-run driver. He totaled my car and my insurance barely covered what I owed on the loan. I had to have surgery and lost my feet for eight weeks. As I am self-employed, I was unable to earn any income during this period. Thank goodness my 13 year old son was not in the car with me at the time. He was a huge help to me and I don’t know how I could have managed without him. I now move cautiously but still find it difficult to stand all day like before. I do not have my own means of transport and it is necessary for me to get to my client. I used all my savings just to cover our bills and my medical deductible. This week, I’m unable to pay my rent, my utilities, or even pay for an Uber to get me to work. I will soon be homeless if I can’t find a way to return to full time work. I pray that The Time is Now can help me out of this mess.

We receive many requests for transportation assistance to maintain employment, either in the form of gift cards for gas, auto repairs, car payments or cars, every week. With the recent effects of inflation on commuting and car prices, this area of ​​support is more important than ever.

When I contacted this woman, she shared more details about the ordeal she endured. The injuries she suffered were much worse than what she mentioned in her letter. She cried with shame that she had to ask her son to help her with personal care, laundry and even cooking. She had not been able to walk or do household chores. His son looked like a wonderful, caring young man. When I told her this, she replied, “This ordeal has convinced him that he really enjoys helping people. We talked about nursing and the medical field. Maybe that’s the blessing that will come out of it. Almost simultaneously, we pointed out that sometimes out of adversity comes unexpected blessings.

After talking for a while about the accident, his operation and his long recovery, we moved on to talk about their current financial situation. With his loss of income for more than two months, the loss of his vehicle and the impossibility of buying another, they were in a precarious situation. They faced a certain homelessness without intervention. Previously, she was able to earn a decent income and was even able to save a small amount each month by living frugally. Until now, she had only been able to return to work on a part-time basis due to her lack of means of transport and her long convalescence. I asked if she felt she was able to return to her past full schedule and she replied, “Yes. I would like to. I miss my clients and my work. My son and I need income.

With the assurance that she was ready for work, I set to work finding a reasonable car for this woman. Without reliable means of transport, she could not resume her past full schedule. Using one of my trusted contacts, together we found the perfect car for this mother and son. It was fuel efficient, low mileage and affordable.

The next day, a volunteer dropped off two rent checks, a utility check, gift cards for food and gas. I called the woman to review the support we were providing, then added, “The car is ready for you to register with the DMV.” The woman was silent for a while, then asked, “What did you say?” I repeated myself, then I heard the woman burst into tears. I told him all about the used car waiting for him and told him that the volunteer would be back later in the day to drive it back to pick it up. There are no words that can describe the amount of joy and gratitude this struggling woman shared. Its future was saved thanks to all of us who worked together, not only to fight poverty, but also to give hope for the future.

Thank you “You” and God bless you for helping this mother and her son, and all the people we help, by removing their pains and the stress of poverty.

Health and happiness, love and God bless everyone, Sal

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