There’s a whole Facebook group dedicated to swapping stock wheels between cars.

Car bibles has made its way into some interesting corners of the automotive internet this week and discovered, among other things, a Facebook group dedicated to sharing photos of factory OEM wheels on cars they weren’t supplied with. It can look surprisingly cool!

We also have long-standing VW Golf Mk8 opinions, auto finance tips, and some great RAV4 clutch kicks filmed for you to enjoy.

Car bibles Usually focuses on DIY-related content, how-to tips, cultural commentary, and automotive entertainment celebrating low- and mid-budget automotive. We’ve increased our schedule to six posts per day every week, including a daily background photo, so if you like what you see below I’d love to see you visit our site to find out the rest! In short, let’s go to the roundup:

There is something strangely captivating (satisfying?) About seeing the original wheels of one car fitted to another car that did not originally come with them. Peter Nelson found this Facebook group dedicated to detecting and sharing these car wheel swaps in the wild and it’s a great scroll.

Our resident Dubber Chris Rosales has this scorching dish just out of the oven for you. Essentially, his thesis is that by stripping the latest Golf (Mk8) of its physical interior controls and other lightweight elegance features, VW has significantly reduced the car’s appeal.

Stepan Papadakis is one of the true OGs of ’90s and 2000s tuner cars. He’s one of the most famous dudes who rode huge horsepower in little Honda’s decades ago, and his scene is basically what the first Fast and Furious movie was loosely based on.

Seeing it bounce around the desert in an old RAV4 with Larry Chen (photographer and other legend in automotive culture) is just a little bit magical. Also, how beautiful is this little SUV with these wheels?

As Kevin Williams shares – without the proper financial education it could be easy to get into debt, which affects credit scores and expensive purchases. When buying a car, for example, bad credit can lead to a car loan with high interest rates and low terms.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you are stuck with what you have. With work, credit scores can improve, and so can your funding. If your car loan reflects where you were, and not where you are, refinancing your car loan could be a smart way to save money.

Even at its worst, Honda has never done a bad-driving Civic Si. The latest generation Honda Civic looks good, but we haven’t heard anything about the sporty Si variant so far. With the first batch of new Civic Si reviews released this week, it’s time for our recap! As usual, we’ve compiled and contextualized key quotes from a wide range of test drivers to give you many different perspectives on a car in one place.

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