“They really helped me:” The Frankfurt refuge begging the public to donate

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) – A homeless shelter in Frankfort is asking for help from the community.

The ACCESS soup kitchen and men’s refuge have been open and have been operating for almost 40 years. They try to keep the men away from the streets and give them food, in order to help them get back on their feet.

People who run the shelter have said their financial situation is dire.

ACCESS welcomes people from the streets every day, people like Tim Hayden. He met Lisa Mitchell Hargis, ACCESS Board member four years ago. At the time, he was homeless.

“It was a cold rainy night, Lisa appeared with a pizza, I was under the plastic tarp,” he said.

Mitchell Hargis said she asked Hayden if he was getting services or if he was on disability. She learned more about her background and called ACCESS to help her find accommodation.

“I came here and they really helped me, helped me a lot,” said Hayden.

Hayden said he ended up securing housing and other resources with the help of ACCESS. He never left the shelter. He is now a volunteer.

He said he pleaded with the community to help the place that saved him.

“First of all, we have been affected by the pandemic like everyone else … our main problem right now is our donations,” said Mike Lee, member of the board of directors. “While they’re still very good, we’ve done some extra repairs at the soup kitchen, just like if you own a house, you need to make some repairs. “

Lee said construction on Second Street outside the shelter did not improve the situation.

“No traffic has circulated here for months,” he said.

Volunteers have said the people ACCESS serves are worth every penny.

“A lot of our guys have jobs and have had a hard time, they’d rather receive a helping hand than a handout,” said Mitchell Hargis.

They said shutting down is not an option. Changing your life is.

Lee and Mitchell Hargis said ACCESS is currently understaffed. They said they needed volunteers and donations.

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