Three designers selected for Muse’s first Spirit Of Ecstasy challenge

We are delighted to announce the three talented designers chosen to participate in Muse, the Rolls-Royce Art Programme’s first Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge. Reviewing the design proposals was a fascinating process and we were presented with some cutting edge and surprising ideas.

“At Rolls-Royce, innovation informs every aspect of our design process, and that’s what really stood out in the submissions from the three chosen designers. We look forward to supporting Bi Rongrong, Ghizlane Sahli and Scarlett Yang , and bring their creations to life.
Anders warming up
, Design Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

The process of selecting three designers for the Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge was inspiring. We were delighted with the variety and quality of submissions, leaving us optimistic about the future of textile design. The work of the nominated designers demonstrates a compelling blend of the experimental and the traditional; practical process and industrial technology; as well as nuanced design thinking and the ability to respond intelligently to a brief. The Spirit of Ecstasy challenge is all about celebrating the bridge between tradition and innovation, and all of the designers we’ve selected understand how humans are connected to our environment. The three winners also offer insights that touch deeply on the important challenges of our time. »
Spirit of Ecstasy Jury Statement

Muse, the Rolls-Royce Art Programme, today announced the three winners who will take part in the first Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge. Bi Rongrong, Ghizlane Sahli and Scarlett Yang were chosen by an international jury made up of eminent personalities from the world of design. the Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge is a new biennial initiative that invites emerging design visionaries to create unique works inspired by Rolls-Royce and the Spirit of Ecstasy, the sculptural figurine that adorns the bonnet of every Rolls-Royce motor car. Each edition of the Challenge will focus on a different medium and related practice area. The 2022 edition will focus on textiles, inspiring attendees to explore the possibilities of materials and push the boundaries of textile design.

The judging panel is made up of Anders Warming, Design Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars; Yoon Ahn, artistic director of AMBUSH🄬 and director of jewelry at Dior Men; Tim Marlow, Managing Director and Director of the Design Museum London; and Sumayya Vally, Founder and Director of Counterspace Studio, Johannesburg.


Artist and designer Bi Rongrong collects images of architecture and ornaments from urban settings and, through manual or digital processing, transforms them into painting, collage, fabrics, video and site-specific installation. His proposal for Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge draws on his research into the “urban skins” of cities, combined with his practice of layering various materials with LED animation. Bi interprets “urban skins” as the surfaces and spaces of a city, for example the ornamental patterns engraved on a building, the text of posters on the walls or the vegetation growing on the edges of sidewalks. Its design will feature imagery from ‘urban skins’ relevant to the spirit of ecstasy, incorporating metal and fabric, drawing inspiration from the materials used in the creation of a Rolls-Royce powered car.

Ghizlane Sahli is a textile artist and designer who reuses and recycles materials in her work, drawing attention to critical environmental issues while exploring the beauty of everyday objects. His proposal for Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge pursues the use of recycled materials in her practice, elevating these materials by showcasing their potential for functionality and beauty. Sahli will create a hanging sculpture in recycled plastic, combined with white silk and gold thread, which will be configured to convey the qualities of the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine.

Scarlett Yang is a multidisciplinary designer who focuses on sustainable innovation, biomateriality and virtual fashion. She explores the intersection of fashion, design and technology in her work. Yang’s proposal for the Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge continues its investigation into the hybridization of artisanal craftsmanship and industrial technology. The design will incorporate a revolutionary new material created from seaweed extract and silk cocoon protein, developed by Yang for the project, resulting in a dynamic textile work.

The three winners will be invited to the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex, where they will meet the brand’s master craftsmen before finalizing their designs. The final works will be unveiled later this year, before going on an international tour.

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