Track Academy now accepts donations with ADA Pay! | by COTI | May 2022

We are happy to announce that Track Academy has integrated ADA Pay into their website which will allow them to accept donations in $ADA. We remind you that the fees generated by ADA Pay transactions will be converted into $COTI and distributed to the Treasury as user rewards.

Track Academy is a charity that helps disadvantaged young people in London by helping them realize their true potential and develop as positive members of their community. By accepting donations in ADA Pay, Track Academy will be able to continue and encourage young people to make positive changes in their lives despite difficult circumstances.

Connie Henry said: “Track Academy would like to thank COTI for the incredible support they have given us in setting up and integrating their platform to allow us to receive ADA Pay donations. The team has been patient and incredible attention to detail, and was never troubled by our novice approach to accepting this payment method. It’s not always easy to get into the world of cryptocurrency, but the team COTI has been with us every step of the way.

Connie Henry, founder of Track Academy

We are thrilled to be able to provide the building blocks needed to power such an important and socially responsible use case for the Cardano ecosystem, and we look forward to welcoming more organizations and merchants to the COTI ecosystem.

Stay COTI!

About the Track Academy

The Track Academy family includes former international athletes and coaches, mentors, teachers, business professionals and a number of highly motivated and passionate volunteers. We are also mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends who help make the community the best it can be. What makes us an integral part of the Track Academy family is a shared common belief. And it is that sport and education go hand in hand and, when combined, change lives. Sport and education enable individuals to achieve exceptional and, more importantly, lasting results. We know this because, for some of us, this has also been our history.

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