Two officers were caught in a deadly tornado that ravaged a Kentucky community and – after surviving a beating by Mother Nature – saved a seriously injured young girl by securing her over an old door.

Graves County Sheriff’s Deputy Chandler Siris and Staff Sgt. Richard Edwards was trying to position himself where they expected the storm to pass in Mayfield, Ky. Before they knew it, the tornado was upon them.

Debris was flying everywhere, hitting their patrol cars and making it difficult to do anything other than crouch and get out.

The tornado was part of a series of severe weather events that swept through the central and southern United States Friday night through Saturday, killing at least 100 people, including at least 80 in Kentucky, officials said. ‘State and local.

“As the wind picked up and took my vehicle and turned it on its side, I was trying to back up,” Edwards told CNN’s John Berman on Monday. “He (Siris) was behind me and there was nothing we could do. We sat there. We tried to bend down and hang on.”

“There was fiberglass that went through my passenger side window that hit me and there was a piece of wood about 8 feet that went through the back of my car and pierced it.” said Siris.

After overcoming the chaos, the two MPs left their cars and rushed to the nearest house for safety. That’s when they heard people screaming for help, Edwards said.

The two men ran to one of their patrol cars, grabbed “take-out bags” containing tourniquets and ran towards the house, being careful to run through the fields as lines of broken transformers filled up. roads.

“It was instantaneous,” Siris said. “As soon as we got out of our cars we knew someone needed help so we went to see them.”

Another deputy met them at the scene and that’s when they saw a girl “bleeding very heavily,” Edwards said.

“She was in shock,” he said. “We applied the tourniquet. We called for medics, (but) there was no way they would reach us, so we went out and found an old interior panel door and used it as a sign. back. We loaded it. “

Siris and Edwards loaded the girl into the back of the third officer’s car and he took her to a nearby hospital.

Edwards did not have an update on her condition, but said the last time she heard she was going to survive. “It was very dangerous for her life; she had lost a lot of blood; and she was in shock,” he said.

The widespread storm system has spawned at least 50 tornadoes in eight states, according to the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center.

In the small town of Dawson Spring, Ky., About 70 miles from Mayfield, about 75 percent of the community has been wiped out and replaced with “chaos,” Mayor Chris Smiley said Sunday.

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