Types of permits, categories of vehicles for which they are issued in India explained


As soon as a teenager turns 18 in India, the adrenaline rushes in his body to drive his own vehicle. The first thing parents say at this point is “Get your license, then drive”. It is essential to obtain the driving license or DL ​​to drive on the roads of the country.

You go to a driving school to learn to drive and then after passing a theoretical and practical exam at the RTO office you obtain your learner’s license. If you think that after such a struggle you failed to get your license, you should know that the learner’s license is also a type of license.

So, after the struggle to learn to drive and park safely, the government gives you time to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road and traffic. It is essential to have a license to drive legally in any country and this article tells you about the license types and requirements.

License class and vehicle categories in India:

Take a look at the license class and associated vehicles. This is particularly valid for India only.

License class

Vehicle type

MC 50cc

Vehicles with an engine displacement of 50 cc or less.


Vehicles like jeeps and motor cars fall under the category of light motor vehicles, but they are not of the transport class.


Vehicles without gears fall into this category like scooters and mopeds.


Vehicles like motorcycles with gears whose engine displacement is 50CC or more.


Vehicles such as motorcycles with and without equipment fall into this category.

Heavy weights

Vehicles such as trailers, large trucks and other similar vehicles used for the transport of goods fall under the category of heavy goods vehicles.


Vehicles which operate for commercial purposes and which have an All India license to carry passengers fall under the HPMV category.

Types of driving license in India:

Driving is an essential requirement of the youth of the day. To get around, you can’t always depend on public transport. It is a car or a bicycle that you have to know how to drive in order to be able to meet the needs in an emergency. Driving legally requires a license. Here is the list of types of licenses provided in India and generally across the world.

You have to visit the RTO to get the same. Take a look below.

Apprentice license:

Before obtaining the permanent permit from government authorities, the person receives the learner’s permit or the learner’s permit. This is authenticated by the Road Transport Authority. The validity of the license is the same in different countries, ie 6 months. This is the time given to a driver to hone his driving skills.

The driver is expected to learn to drive properly during this government time limit. During this period, the learner must be accompanied by a mature driver who is an adult.

Permanent license:

This license is returned to the driver at the end of the learner’s license period, which is 6 months. The RTO then issues a permanent license to the driver. To obtain this type of license, the candidate must be 18 years old and must also pass his driving test organized by the RTO. This permit is issued for private vehicles such as cars, bicycles and other categories of light vehicles.

Commercial driver’s license:

This category of license gives the driver the authorization to drive heavy vehicles. These vehicles can include goods transport vehicles such as trucks. Candidates must have passed their 8th class exam primarily to obtain this license. Commercial drivers are not only responsible for their own safety but also for the safety of others.

International driving license:

The driver applying for this license seeks to drive a vehicle in a foreign country other than India. The issuance of this license means that he / she can rent a vehicle in another country and drive it. Applicants must have a permanent license to obtain them. You can only get this type of license for one year at a time and must apply for it each time. There is no renewal process in this area.

These are the types of driver’s license in India. Today, the process has been simplified and users can also apply for licenses online.

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