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LAHORE: The Wapda Medical College Trust (of the Water and Electricity Development Authority) will soon launch its medical university in Lahore after the Lahore Development Authority changed the rules allowing exemption from land conversion fees for charities.

The medical school will be established in Wapda Town, Phase II (Abdul Sattar Edhi Road), where the authority has allocated 47 channels, Dawn has learned. According to documents, the Wapda Medical College Trust asked the LDA in 2019 to exempt it from conversion fees of more than Rs.54 million. The case, at a meeting held in August 2019, was approved by the review committee subject to payment of the conversion fee, the provision of a 30 foot house line and adequate parking. on site in accordance with LDA building and zoning regulations.

However, the project owner (Wapda) requested installments, which were also approved in November 2019, allowing the claimant to pay the costs in eight equal installments of over 6.8 million rupees (each). The Wapda Trust couldn’t do that either.

In June of this year, Wapda again requested more time to file the conversion fee until the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) final decision where Wapda’s request to register its trust as an organization. charity was underway. However, the LDA refused the request because there is no such provision in the LDA 2020 land use rules.

LDA changes land conversion rules for charities

Later in August, Wapda submitted an application with its FBR-issued trust registration certificate and asked the LDA to waive the conversion fee.

Considering the compliance of laws related to the FATF and similar applications of other charities / non-profit organizations in the future, the authority has finally decided to change the LDA regulations on land use 2020.

“Therefore, the authority added Regulation 23 (Fee exemption for non-profit philanthropic / charitable organizations of Chapter VII of the LDA Land Use Regulation 2020) which reads as follows:” 23 (c ), the philanthropic, charitable or non-profit organization is registered with the Charities Commission of the Ministry of Interior of the Punjab in accordance with Article 12 of the Punjab Charities Act 2018 , “explains the document while discussing the background to the matter. The claimant also submitted an affidavit stating that the organization will provide services to those in need under its It should be mentioned that the LDA, under the rules amended, also welcomed similar requests from other organizations, including the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Center and the Tehzibul Akhlaq Trust, for the establishment of the new un Ali Garh University in Lahore.

The traffic engineering and transportation planning agency has also been given permission to exempt the charity from paying the examination fee for issuing a notice of compliance for parking arrangements etc.

Posted in Dawn, December 20, 2021

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