WATCH NOW: Car Enthusiasts Encounter in Kenosha Restaurant Parking Lot Ends in Hit-and-Run and Disorderly Driving Incidents | Crime and courts


He said a woman then attempted to grab the handle of the BMW, which dragged her before she finally fled.

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“I saw a big crowd of people and everyone was screaming and I see the BMW go off and then one of my buddies was chasing him. I was trying to figure out why he was chasing him and he said (the BMW) hit the GT-R, “he said.” My friend was like running next to him, telling him to stop, but he left. “

Others who attended the event drove after the BMW, which headed south on Interstate 94 at high speed. They apparently lost track of the vehicle after it exited through one of the exit ramps, according to Patton.

In addition to the service calls, Lt. Desiree Farchione said the event caused problems for police as it required “all available units” to respond. Authorities from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department and the Wisconsin State Patrol also responded.

She said the hosts of the meeting, which is expected to be held weekly throughout the summer, did not appear ready to handle the large number of vehicles.

“There were several hundred cars so it took our entire shift to get there,” she said. “It’s just a substantial amount of vehicles and we’ve had several calls on it.”

Schaal said staff from nearby businesses, including Kwik Trip and the Phoenix Restaurant, had called for help from onlookers who allegedly strolled through their parking lots and facilities. The event, he said, took many by surprise.

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