Waymo cars keep coming to same dead end SF Street: report

  • Waymo’s self-driving cars mysteriously take over a dead end San Francisco street, locals say.
  • The vehicles make a turn at several points and take off, but another arrives, people told KPIX.
  • One resident estimated that as many as 50 Waymo autonomous vehicles are used on the streets on certain days.

Residents of a San Francisco neighborhood say self-driving Waymo cars mysteriously flooded their dead end, local station KPIX first reported.

Waymo automated electric vehicles drive all the way to the end of 15th Avenue in the Richmond District, then make multi-point turns out of it, residents told KPIX.

Sometimes after one Waymo car leaves another one comes along and does the same, according to residents, through KPIX. The station showed footage of arriving and departing Waymo cars, and reported that at times on Tuesday more than one Waymo vehicle arrived at a time.

Waymo told KPIX he would look into the matter, according to the report.

“I noticed it while I was asleep,” Richmond District resident Jennifer King told KPIX. “I woke up to a strange hum and thought there was a spaceship outside my bedroom window.”

King estimated that on certain days 50 Waymo vehicles are driven on 15th Avenue. “It’s literally every five minutes. And we all work from home, so that’s what we hear.”

In San Francisco, Waymo has “stand-alone specialists” in the driver’s seat to monitor the tech and share feedback, according to its website.

King said residents had “spoken to the drivers, who have little to say other than that the car is programmed and they’re just doing their job.”

Another resident, Andrea Lewin, told KPIX it has been going on for about six to eight weeks, maybe longer. “There are fleets that run around the area regularly,” she told KPIX.

We do not know what causes vehicles to pour into the street.

Waymo, which is owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment. The company did not provide KPIX with an explanation for the influx of vehicles on 15th Avenue.

Waymo began testing its autonomous vehicles in Phoenix in 2017, then offered a fully driverless limousine service in the city in October 2020. Waymo then extended the service to San Francisco in August.

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