Website raises $ 5 in donations to fight dystonia


Dystonia is always a difficult subject and for this reason it doesn’t get a lot of attention.

We are talking about the movement disorder which causes a disturbance between the brain and the body. Deena Centofanti is hoping that one day she can stand there and say thanks to so many of you who donated $ 5, researchers are very close to a cure for dystonia. We can’t tell yet, but until then, the fight continues.

Jay Dunn, 43, doesn’t want help as he slowly slides out of the truck. He wants to show us that he can still walk, even though he fights his body with every step. It’s not easy, but after being diagnosed with dystonia at the age of 6, nothing has been easy for Jay.

Deena: “?

Do you see that smile? Jay says a lot with expressions but to really communicate he types every word on a device. Dystonia causes muscle contractions and spasms that can affect the whole body.

After having suffered several brain surgeseRies Deena asks him if he sees any progress.

“Not really so far, the treatments have been disappointing,” he said, typing his answer into a device.

Jay Dunn and Deena Centofanti meet in Roseville, at the corner of Groesbeck and I-696 at Lazybones Smokehouse, under the shadow of a sign displaying her photo. He is promoting a website,

The man behind the billboard is Mike Delise.

“We’re good friends, he’s like a son to me,” Delise said.

Mike has been a friend and father figure to Jay for many years, knowing that behind the trouble lies a smart, funny, kind and determined man.

“They call themselves warriors and on the battlefield they don’t leave their brothers behind,” Mike said. “We have to keep this until we can find a cure.”

In 2018, another warrior, Breanna Strange, was crowned reunion queen at Lycée Sud de Lyon. She was diagnosed with dystonia when she was a baby and is now 20, but as mom Kim explains, she isn’t discouraged.

Dystonic warrior Breanna Strange, right, and her mother Kim.

Deena: “How do you keep that bright attitude?”

“She said she was mostly happy because she knew she was here for a reason,” her mother said. “Breanna’s brain doesn’t communicate with muscles. She can talk, she can think, she’s smart, she just can’t do anything for herself.”

At this time, doctors are not sure what causes dystonia, it is probably a communication problem in the brain. The hope is that research will provide answers.

She still has hope, Kim says, adding that Breanna wants to walk.

Deena: “Do you still have hope?

“Yeah,” Jay Dunn said, with a smile.

The notice board comes and goes but you can always go to The money goes directly to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation.

Jay and Mike came up with the $ 5 request to make it affordable for everyone.

MAKE A DONATION: The website is

Jay Dunn has been battling dystonia since he was 6 years old.

Jay Dunn has been battling dystonia since he was 6 years old.

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