Welli Bins™: the first-ever leak-proof plant-based storage bins using a carbon-negative base material with sugarcane

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At Welli Bins Co., we’re building a brand of sustainable storage and organization designed for active lives and eco-conscious people.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, June 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Welli Bins is the first company dedicated to making storage sustainable and offering a full line of washable, sustainable and plant-based consumer products designed to last.

Welli Bins are made with EVA derived from sugar cane instead of fossil fuels. The materials are reinforced with folded cellulose strands to create a tear-resistant structure.

Our base material is carbon negative thanks to the consumption of CO2 by the sugar cane plants. Additionally, any remaining biomass from manufacturing is used to heat generators and provide electricity to the manufacturing plant to further reduce the carbon footprint of the process.

What little waste remains from the process is recycled in normal recycling streams.

Welli Bins™ Key Features:

• Welli plant-based foam is made from sugar cane and other plant materials, including recycled cellulose fibers from tree leaves and bark

• Variety of color options: Aqua, Light Gray, Dark Gray and Pink

• Dimensions: 12 inches long x 12 inches wide x 11 inches high

• Weight: 2.15 pounds (twice as light as rubber)

More information about Welli foam

• Plant-based foam developed by Welli Bins Co.: renewable plant-based materials replace fossil fuels in the foam-making process, significantly reducing CO2 emissions

• Soft but strong, Welli Foam is comfortable to handle and lightweight

• Welli foam is tear resistant which means the bins won’t break down and end up in a landfill

• Surfaces are impermeable, making them easy to clean and disinfect

About Welli Bins™ Co.

At Welli Bins Co., we’re building a brand of sustainable storage and organization designed for active lives and eco-conscious people. Welli Bins customers do not fit into a box. They’re mums and dads with mud-jumping kids, cat-loving bachelors, musicians with too many strings in their Brooklyn studios, and yoga-loving city dwellers who often work out at home. . Pet toys, free weights, wet pool toys and dirty sneakers all get the same treatment in a Welli Bin. Organizing and compartmentalizing can be good for the soul and now it’s also good for the planet with these eco-friendly washable containers.


Kathleen McIntyre is the founder and CEO of Welli Bins. She is a busy mother of three children and many pets. A former investment professional, Kathleen came up with the idea for Welli Bins in early 2019, when she found herself at the Container Store to buy another set of bins to organize her chaotic home. She was frustrated with the choices available: flimsy planet-killing plastics, brittle straw, and wonky fabrics. Finding no substantial, let alone sustainable, alternative, Kathleen decided to start Welli Bins Co. to bring a practical and planet-friendly solution to the storage and organization market.

Andrew McIntyre is the Product Manager at Welli Bins and Kathleen’s brother-in-law. A graduate of Stanford Product Design School, he has been designing and engineering products for over a decade with companies like Amazon, Doppler Labs, OXO and Rolls Royce Motor Cars.

Taylor Jackson is Head of Marketing at Welli Bins and has experience managing paid media campaigns with enterprise-sized retail, travel and telecommunications accounts.

Together, Andrew and Kathleen made hundreds of prototypes to develop the perfect durable yet lightweight foam that includes Welli Bins. The McIntyres are a tight-knit clan and Welli Bins Co. is truly a family business!

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Welli Bins™: The first plant-based, washable and sustainable bin

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